Saturday, October 10, 2009



I don't know how long did I spent to type the sentence above. =.='' Sigh~! I gotta work harder to get to speak/ type better Japanese! XD

Btw, translation for the Japanese sentences above:
Hi, everyone! I'm blogging again! I'm very happy today, at the same time I'm feeling a bit upset because today is the last day of school! Good luck in your examination, everyone!

Well, that's all I can type in Japanese! XD Any correction is appreciated! =D

Yes, last day of school, I'm feeling rather happy but at the same time I'm feeling quite upset, thinking about the times we used to spend sitting with each other in the classroom; slacking while teachers were teaching in front of the classroom; whispering to each other until our volume gets louder and louder because everyone is getting noisy and we can't hear each other's voices; suddenly got very hot and quarrel with each other, etc. Lul~ I used to hope that the time could go a bit faster, so I could graduate earlier. However, this morning when I woke up, I thought "today is going to be the last day of school", the feeling is totally different. I will seriously miss all the sweet and the bitter times! =']

This might be my last blog post before my exam actually starts, but maybe not. =b Since I've got to practice more before my English papers, well, that's before 21 of Oct, after that I might start writting Chinese blog posts to practice my Chinese writting style! XD For those who can't read, I'll TRY to translate them into English. well, only IF I'm not TOO lazy! XDDD

Daisuki no sensei desu! <333

Sensei to Jia Min desu! =D

Best seatmates VS Daisuki no sensei! <3>Beloved Evon~! <33>Baka tachi! XD

Ying xi and I~!

Madam Wong~! <333

Omg Freddy's trying to kill me! O.O


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