Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Crazy~ yes, really crazy!

It's like 2 weeks since we finished our first trial, and guess what? Second trial is coming in 2 weeks, which will drop on 19th of September and finish on 1st of October. And in 2 weeks, we're going to sit for our PMB examination (20th of October). Crazy~!!! Rawrrrrr~~~~

It doesn't really matters me but the thing is, okay it does. And good/bad news here, for the first time in my life I got my BM paper 1 for 44 out of 100, yes, fail, but this is the highest mark I scored since I got promoted to secondary~ without Bahagian B done but Bahagian A and C was completed. I got shocked when I saw my mark, I was like 'What? I'd have passed IF I did my bahagian B~' Yesh true~, even Beh said that to me, but well, for the last minute I was still doing bahagian A though~ The examiner gave me extra 1 minute to complete bahagian A some more... I really need to arrange my time better... Well, I did bahagian C before I did bahagian A. It's good but I need to score a C for Malay or I wouldn't be able to be promoted to form4. Rawrrr~~

It's like only 3 months that I got promoted to form3. Really, time flies by so fast this year that I can't even recall what I did few months back. What I did on April? May? June? Is it really August now? September is really nearing? Why do I feel like it's still early? Man, I really lost to time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

CAN'T BUY MY LOVE - YUI (Apr.4, 2007)


- Tracklist -

  1. How crazy
  2. Rolling star
  3. It’s all right
  4. I remember you
  5. RUIDO
  6. CHE.R.RY
  7. Thank you My teens
  8. Umbrella
  9. Highway chance
  10. Happy birthday to you you
  11. Winding road
  12. Good-bye days
  13. Why?

Rawrrrrr~ Really addicted to YUI~! X3 Been learning some of her songs like 'it's happy line', 'I remember you', and 'life' though I'm still suck at those. Still practicing~ I've learn to play Helem's 'Qing Fei De Yi' and Avril's 'When you're gone'. When I brought Helem's 'Qing Fei De Yi' up, my cousin was like saying 'This song is like thousand years ago and you're playing it now...' XD Comment of my cousin 'Acoustic is so not like Avril~' LOL true~ it's actually electric guitar but I don't have it so I can only play on normal ones~ What to do~ XD Anyways~ I WANT YUI'S "CAN'T BUY MY LOVE'!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Though I'm downloading it now but... but...~~~ I'm so so so gna buy it someday! X3 Wheeeeeeee~~~

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oscar, the Garbage-Can Kitty

A story from Chicken Soup. =]

Oscar was named after the Sesame Street character who lives in a garbage can because that is where we first became acquainted. I was working at a pizza-delivery chain and had been assigned garbage duty. While tossing bags into a Dumpster, I heard a faint meow. I began digging through the trash, and several layers down I found a cat—bruised and thin. I wasn’t sure if the cat had crawled into the Dumpster to scavenge for food or if he had been put there purposely. Our establishment sat directly behind an apartment complex, and unsupervised and abandoned pets were common.

Back on solid ground, it became evident that the cat had an injured leg. He couldn’t put any weight on his right hindquarters. The situation created a dilemma for me. Finances were tight, and I was moving back home to my parents’ house—with two cats already in tow. Dad barely tolerated the two established felines. His reaction to another injured stray was sure to be less than receptive. I took the stray to the vet, hoping to patch him up. After shots and X-rays, the vet discovered the cat had a cracked pelvis. I posted notices, hoping someone would claim the cat or adopt him.

Meanwhile, the response at home was swift and firm: No more cats! Dad insisted I take the cat to the Humane Society immediately. I protested that the cat would be put to sleep. Luckily, my mother intervened. She agreed the injury would make the cat unadoptable, so we would keep him long enough for his hip to heal. Then he would have to go—no arguments.

Oscar must have somehow understood his situation. He seemed to study the other two cats and their interactions with my father. We suspect he bribed Tanner, our golden retriever, with table scraps in exchange for etiquette lessons. When the other cats were aloof, Oscar was attentive. He came when his name was called, and he would roll over on his back to have his belly scratched. As his injury began to heal, he would jump on the ottoman by my father’s favorite chair, and, eventually, into his lap. Initially, Dad pushed Oscar away, but persistence paid off. Soon, Oscar and a muttering Dad shared the chair. At mealtimes, Oscar would come to sit with us.

Positioned on the floor by my father’s chair, every so often Oscar would reach up with one paw and tap Dad on the knee. At first, this provoked great irritation and colorful expletives expressed in harsh tones. Oscar, however, refused to be put off. Repetitive knee-taps soon led to semi-covert handouts of choice morsels.

Oscar greeted my father at the top of the stairs every morning and waited for him at the door every evening. My father sometimes ignored Oscar, and, at other times, stepped over him, complaining the whole time. Oscar mastered opening doors by sticking his paw underneath the door and rocking it back and forth until it opened. Soon, he was sleeping in the master bedroom at the foot of the bed. My father was completely disgusted, but couldn’t stop the cat from sneaking onto the bed while they were sleeping. Eventually, Dad gave up.

Before long, Oscar, aspiring to his own place at the table during meals, began jumping up into my lap. He was allowed to stay as long as his head remained below table level. Of course, an occasional paw would appear as a reminder of his presence.

Three months passed, and the vet pronounced Oscar healthy and healed. I was heartbroken. How could I take this loving soul away from what had become his home, from the people he trusted? Sick at heart, I brought Oscar home and told my parents what should have been good news: Oscar was a healthy cat with a healed hip. “I’ll take him to the Humane Society like I promised,” I said dully. As I turned to put Oscar in the carrier for the trip, my father spoke, uttering three magic words: “Not my cat!” Oscar is home to stay. He now has his own chair at the table and sleeps—where else?—in the master bedroom between my mother and father. He is their official “grandkitten” and living proof that deep within the most unlikely heart, there is a cat lover in all of us.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ithcy to death..........

Holy gosh I can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I had some kind of allergic or something and my body is like itchy to death~~~~~!!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's less itchy now compare to one hour ago, but my whole body is like 'pink' in colour and whenever I scratches the itchy part it get hurt. +_+ I really wondering what I ate today that cause this allergy. Omg this is the first time in my life I got my whole body allergy like this. And when I say pink, it's really pink. X_x Even up to my face. I just ate one painkiller though I don't know whether it helps and I know it's stupid but I don't know what else I can do. Argh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ X_x Great now even my palm's in pink and itchy... I'm feeling... not pissed, not anything but... itchy... really~ itchy~ X_x

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Memories on 2007.07.14. `` il Form 3 C =]

I finally got the pictures that we took for our class outing at caper's restaurant. Will upload it up here once I done editing them. =]

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guitar tab, YUI - Understanding

Woots!!! Just found guitar tabs for YUI's Understand!! Cool! Though I don't really know to introduce a song, but it's a nice song to hear. x3 Enjoy!!! Feel free to download it from the link below. =]
(Right click and save link as) YUI - Understand. =]
This is her MV on YouTube. =]


I was probably crying
downcast on the way back.
Although I was always close by
I couldn’t say a thing…

As I walked
I took the short cut by crossing the park.
I kind of knew already…

…the shadow stretched across the ground
Even I know, the shape of happiness.

“We’ll always be together”
That’s what you said…
“Even when there’s love, there’s always
sadness nearby, hiding”
You laughed as you talked.

If there really was such thing as a hero
I thought you might have a problem with it…

…the shadow stretched across the ground
Even I know, the shape of happiness.

We can’t always be together,
so you can’t live on by always accusing..
Because you repeat the same mistakes
over and over.

…the shadow stretched across the ground
Even I know, the shape of happiness.

Now I’ve started walking…
It’s going to be alright

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memorable 2007. Form 3 C

Just had our graduation class photo taking yesterday. Monkeys were playing around in the hall before our turn, awhile other class taking theirs. Because of them, Form 3 C will be the most memorable class in my whole entire life. =] Though they're foolish and nuisance, they do know to buy people's heart too. =] Love them lots. ^^

Owh yes, good news here, Miss Chan's not leaving! HAHAHAHAH!!! Must because of our cakes then! YooohoooO!!! X333 Well, actually she thanked us for giving her the small farewell party and the cake that time but she had already changed her mind, well, though she didn't tell us what it was until today. She actually asked us 'So you're giving me this cake meaning you're asking me to leave lar??' Hahahahahha!!! XDDD