Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Crazy~ yes, really crazy!

It's like 2 weeks since we finished our first trial, and guess what? Second trial is coming in 2 weeks, which will drop on 19th of September and finish on 1st of October. And in 2 weeks, we're going to sit for our PMB examination (20th of October). Crazy~!!! Rawrrrrr~~~~

It doesn't really matters me but the thing is, okay it does. And good/bad news here, for the first time in my life I got my BM paper 1 for 44 out of 100, yes, fail, but this is the highest mark I scored since I got promoted to secondary~ without Bahagian B done but Bahagian A and C was completed. I got shocked when I saw my mark, I was like 'What? I'd have passed IF I did my bahagian B~' Yesh true~, even Beh said that to me, but well, for the last minute I was still doing bahagian A though~ The examiner gave me extra 1 minute to complete bahagian A some more... I really need to arrange my time better... Well, I did bahagian C before I did bahagian A. It's good but I need to score a C for Malay or I wouldn't be able to be promoted to form4. Rawrrr~~

It's like only 3 months that I got promoted to form3. Really, time flies by so fast this year that I can't even recall what I did few months back. What I did on April? May? June? Is it really August now? September is really nearing? Why do I feel like it's still early? Man, I really lost to time.

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