Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memorable 2007. Form 3 C

Just had our graduation class photo taking yesterday. Monkeys were playing around in the hall before our turn, awhile other class taking theirs. Because of them, Form 3 C will be the most memorable class in my whole entire life. =] Though they're foolish and nuisance, they do know to buy people's heart too. =] Love them lots. ^^

Owh yes, good news here, Miss Chan's not leaving! HAHAHAHAH!!! Must because of our cakes then! YooohoooO!!! X333 Well, actually she thanked us for giving her the small farewell party and the cake that time but she had already changed her mind, well, though she didn't tell us what it was until today. She actually asked us 'So you're giving me this cake meaning you're asking me to leave lar??' Hahahahahha!!! XDDD

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