Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Suddenly, the thoughts of future came rushing inside of my head.
Suddenly, the memories of the past flashes through my head.
Suddenly, everything happened just in a few seconds time.

Perhaps I sounded like I was going to die for a moment, but nahh, just some random thoughts flashed through my brain~ Worry not, I'm sitll as healthy as a cow~! :O

What was I thinking? Oh yeah, the future. Talk about money, I don't have much now. I want to buy things, I want to study aboard, I want to pay my own fees, I want to support my family; but for now, I only have enough for my own from working. How I wish I could get a job with high salary, so I could pay for my own things while supporting my family. =s Mehh.

About the past, was the time I used to spend with my dear friends, my dear family, my cousins, and my dear bf (:O). If I happened to leave this place to somewhere else to study or to work, will I still be able to contact them very often? In this case, I'm talking about my friends. =b I'm sure I'll miss the time when we used to talk in my car and gossiping about others until late night, the time we used to argue about small little things such as jealousy, the time we used to hang out just to catch up with each other's lives, and lots more. Aiyaa, not trying to sound emotional here but just some random thoughts~ XDD

Bah, that's all for nao if not someone's goona say I sound very emotional here again! xD

hona mata~!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh my poor feet~ :OOO

Lol, intro of the post today is TA-DA! my FEET! XDDD oh yes, it's being wrapped with Chinese Medicine inside. =O

Did I ever mention my feet was really painful few days ago and it was even swollen last night! omg man~! But somehow I ignored it until last night, well actually, this morning. I was with the girls at Huei Yin's house until 5 in the morning, it was when the Malays woke up to eat their breakfast to start their day for puasa! Lol, that's not important. XD

Anyways, I finally went to a massage at I-don't-know-where-is-it this afternoon, should be somewhere in Gadong or Menglait if I'm not mistaken. XD

When to Josephine's birthday party last night, it wasn't a wonderful ones, but whatever. I cancelled Aaron's tuition to go to Jo's party early. Mehhh, carrying this stupid feet around looks foolish~! -.-'' Meet Pam and Seng up at Seri Qlap Jolibee then went to Jo's house, before that, I went to the bank to withdraw some cash for use~ XD (patrol fee baa!!!)

After the dinner buffet, Jo seemed to be really busy walking around to entertain and play with the others (drinking, and all, you get the idea~), well, it's her party anyways. =O She didn't have the time to entertain or play with us. Hmm.. so, Irene, Gretson, Pam, Seng and I and 2 of Jo's friends were there inside the house, talking, taking pictures, and... yeah that's all. .__.''

Finally, she decided to cut the cake and sing her Happy Birthday song at 9 and almost 10 ish. 0.O and of course after the cake, we ciaooooooo liao~! XD Before that, there seemed to be a little argument inside, mehh, dogs, can't expect much. =s

After the party, I went to the mall to pick Ling and Huei up~! Wanted to pick Teng up at Mei Fang but well, it was too late since she passed by my car before I even reached Mei Fang. So yeah, we did a big U-turn to go to Sing-U-Me to pick her up, then went to somewhere in Bandar to stop to chitchat for a bit. After awhile, around 12 something, we decided to go to Huei's house so we can at least drink water or go to toilet, oh and, eat. XD HEHEHE~ talked a lot last night, and finally, Ringu chan decided to go home at 5, basically before the sun rises. XD

Hmmm~ that's for the day. Just feel like recording things here so I will remember it whenever I wanna. To prevent short-term memory? Heheheh!! xpp

Hona, mata~!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

BBQ party at Kuan's~

Nyaha~ just woke up, couldn't remember any dreams that I dreamt last night. Which is boring~ cuz I like the feelings of recalling dreams~ it's like I was in a wonderland, not unless it's a nightmare! =OOOO

Anyways, went to Kuan's BBQ party with Pamela and Seng last night before or around 8pm, I followed their car there cuz I did not know how to go to Kuan's house and I is takut I'll get lost! DDD: But after we arrived, only did we know that his house was actually quite easy to spot, just that it's quite far~ :OOO

Lol, by the time we arrived Kuan's house, the party wasn't ready yet, and it looked like they have just brought the charcoal out and only about to start the fire. .__.'' So nevermind~ we waited there until 9 something, and Pamela suddenly wanted to see Kuan's doggy, Norman. So we went inside, but Norman seemed to be shaking a lot (or was it shivering? o.O) cuz Kuan said it's afraid of thunder.. (Oh yesh, did I mention it was drizzling and thunder last night? =b) hmm~ that was something interesting~~ o.O Heheh~ so yeah, I THINK, after awhile we went upstiars, to Kuan's house to play with Norman~ xD Until most of the people came, and until the BBQ was ready to be served! :DDDD

I guess we took some pictures last night with Lina and the other girls, but PamPam seemed to be shy shy~ :OO lol I should have introduce them to each other, now I kinda feel bad about not doing that. -.-''

Meow~ a short entry, at least I try to update! HEHEHE! xpp

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A new face to my blog~ :O

Indeed~! Let's welcome the new face of my blog! XD *applause* Notice that I haven't been designing my own layout for quite awhile now. I found this layout through my friend's blog, find it very nice, so I looked for it's html on blogskins and edited the html~ spent the midnight doing it, well, basically from 3 until now. XD (Vin, Don't scold meh~! :OOOO) The blog layout originally looks like this, but I changed the table on the left side into transparent ones, and changed the post body to this colour~ well, that definitely took me quite awhile. XD I was being stubborn, and thanks to that I finally manage to get the effect that I wanted~! Though I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep, and I'm going to a Chinese tuition with Jana at 2 later in the afternoon. :OOOO

Registered Tumblr few days ago, not really sued to it thought I kinda like the function of the photo slide shows. You can choose to upload many pieces of pictures, and when you're done, uploaded, you can now see the pictures in slide show mode. Which is pretty interesting. Maybe blogger should have that function as well~ :D after all, guess I still love blogger. XD

Jya minna, Imma gna hit the sack!
Good night Morning~! x3

Sunday, August 01, 2010

ohisashiburi desweets~


It's been awhile since I last blogged! Well, almost 3 months, that is. =b I've been wanting to update everyone about my church camp trip but it has been saved as a draft until now~ and I didn't feel like updating until that post is posted~ =O well now, if I still don't update my blog with anything I would be very very very lazy to blog~ XD

Lack of inspiration. To what? Everything.

Well, almost everything.

I wouldn't say my life sucks to the max, in fact, it's still quite peaceful without too much ups and downs in life. Though recently I've been feeling like as if I wanna leave this place as soon as possible (yesh I wanna leave this place as soon as possible! :OOO). If I spend most of my sweet teen time here in this Brueni-the-Very-Peaceful-Country, I'm gonna be super duper regretful when I grow up~ D; But few things that make me susah hati when I thought of leaving is my family, and my lovely friends here~ D;

P/s: I don't really feel like going to vocal class that much anymore. =s well, not that the people there is treating me badly or what, it's just that the atmosphere isn't right anymore~ :O But I'm still holding on~ =]

Heard that Brunei's government has lowered the salaries of people who work in the government sector because they(or Sultan) think that they have been pampering the local too much until they're too lazy to work! Their working hour? 8 in the morning to 3 or 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Oh, please don't tell me that's fair enough because, you will know... They go to work at 8, sometimes they like to be late and give excuses to explain themselves, "Oh my house is quite far from here" "Oh there was this traffic jam so I'm late" and blah and blah and blah~ :OO and go for a tea break around 10, come back before 11; lunch time from 12 to 2, and off from work at 3 or 4 or 5 sharp. Steady? I couldn't agree more, I guess? The thing is, in a way it's quite good because the people here would start working hard, but still, it takes time~ especially for lazy people! :B

Anyways, guess that's all for now, will update as soon as possible! =DD