Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh my poor feet~ :OOO

Lol, intro of the post today is TA-DA! my FEET! XDDD oh yes, it's being wrapped with Chinese Medicine inside. =O

Did I ever mention my feet was really painful few days ago and it was even swollen last night! omg man~! But somehow I ignored it until last night, well actually, this morning. I was with the girls at Huei Yin's house until 5 in the morning, it was when the Malays woke up to eat their breakfast to start their day for puasa! Lol, that's not important. XD

Anyways, I finally went to a massage at I-don't-know-where-is-it this afternoon, should be somewhere in Gadong or Menglait if I'm not mistaken. XD

When to Josephine's birthday party last night, it wasn't a wonderful ones, but whatever. I cancelled Aaron's tuition to go to Jo's party early. Mehhh, carrying this stupid feet around looks foolish~! -.-'' Meet Pam and Seng up at Seri Qlap Jolibee then went to Jo's house, before that, I went to the bank to withdraw some cash for use~ XD (patrol fee baa!!!)

After the dinner buffet, Jo seemed to be really busy walking around to entertain and play with the others (drinking, and all, you get the idea~), well, it's her party anyways. =O She didn't have the time to entertain or play with us. Hmm.. so, Irene, Gretson, Pam, Seng and I and 2 of Jo's friends were there inside the house, talking, taking pictures, and... yeah that's all. .__.''

Finally, she decided to cut the cake and sing her Happy Birthday song at 9 and almost 10 ish. 0.O and of course after the cake, we ciaooooooo liao~! XD Before that, there seemed to be a little argument inside, mehh, dogs, can't expect much. =s

After the party, I went to the mall to pick Ling and Huei up~! Wanted to pick Teng up at Mei Fang but well, it was too late since she passed by my car before I even reached Mei Fang. So yeah, we did a big U-turn to go to Sing-U-Me to pick her up, then went to somewhere in Bandar to stop to chitchat for a bit. After awhile, around 12 something, we decided to go to Huei's house so we can at least drink water or go to toilet, oh and, eat. XD HEHEHE~ talked a lot last night, and finally, Ringu chan decided to go home at 5, basically before the sun rises. XD

Hmmm~ that's for the day. Just feel like recording things here so I will remember it whenever I wanna. To prevent short-term memory? Heheheh!! xpp

Hona, mata~!

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