Saturday, August 14, 2010

BBQ party at Kuan's~

Nyaha~ just woke up, couldn't remember any dreams that I dreamt last night. Which is boring~ cuz I like the feelings of recalling dreams~ it's like I was in a wonderland, not unless it's a nightmare! =OOOO

Anyways, went to Kuan's BBQ party with Pamela and Seng last night before or around 8pm, I followed their car there cuz I did not know how to go to Kuan's house and I is takut I'll get lost! DDD: But after we arrived, only did we know that his house was actually quite easy to spot, just that it's quite far~ :OOO

Lol, by the time we arrived Kuan's house, the party wasn't ready yet, and it looked like they have just brought the charcoal out and only about to start the fire. .__.'' So nevermind~ we waited there until 9 something, and Pamela suddenly wanted to see Kuan's doggy, Norman. So we went inside, but Norman seemed to be shaking a lot (or was it shivering? o.O) cuz Kuan said it's afraid of thunder.. (Oh yesh, did I mention it was drizzling and thunder last night? =b) hmm~ that was something interesting~~ o.O Heheh~ so yeah, I THINK, after awhile we went upstiars, to Kuan's house to play with Norman~ xD Until most of the people came, and until the BBQ was ready to be served! :DDDD

I guess we took some pictures last night with Lina and the other girls, but PamPam seemed to be shy shy~ :OO lol I should have introduce them to each other, now I kinda feel bad about not doing that. -.-''

Meow~ a short entry, at least I try to update! HEHEHE! xpp

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