Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A new face to my blog~ :O

Indeed~! Let's welcome the new face of my blog! XD *applause* Notice that I haven't been designing my own layout for quite awhile now. I found this layout through my friend's blog, find it very nice, so I looked for it's html on blogskins and edited the html~ spent the midnight doing it, well, basically from 3 until now. XD (Vin, Don't scold meh~! :OOOO) The blog layout originally looks like this, but I changed the table on the left side into transparent ones, and changed the post body to this colour~ well, that definitely took me quite awhile. XD I was being stubborn, and thanks to that I finally manage to get the effect that I wanted~! Though I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep, and I'm going to a Chinese tuition with Jana at 2 later in the afternoon. :OOOO

Registered Tumblr few days ago, not really sued to it thought I kinda like the function of the photo slide shows. You can choose to upload many pieces of pictures, and when you're done, uploaded, you can now see the pictures in slide show mode. Which is pretty interesting. Maybe blogger should have that function as well~ :D after all, guess I still love blogger. XD

Jya minna, Imma gna hit the sack!
Good night Morning~! x3

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