Thursday, September 17, 2009

YUI new album releasing! It's all too much/Never say die

YUI's new album 'It's all too much/Never say die is coming up!!! Yui has cut her hair short and dyed it! It's so cute of herrrr awwww!!!! x333 I really love the way she compose her songs, it always give me a very strong feeling! I may be exaggerate but everytime I listen to her new songs I feel like crying!! well~ = =

it's all too much/never say die

着うた(R)は、いよいよ明日から配信!! (2009.9.1)

『It's all too much / Never say die』ですが、

発売日が、 10/07(水)  に変更になりました!


新曲『It's alll too much』の着うた(R)が、



The date for Yui's album to be released has been changed from 14 October to 7 October! Wheee~!! Though I don't think I can buy it. D'=

PS: There's a line in the info that tells what YUI said about this single:

Even the approaching difficult problem
I want to change into the humour, and to laugh it off.

So as we knew, YUI wanted to give a happy mood to the difficult situations in the movie. x3

It’s all too much/Never say die 2008.10.07
01. It’s all too much
02. Never say die
03. Again (Acoustic Version)
04. It’s all too much (Instrumental)

Download the Single : coming soon
Download the PVs :
- it’s all too much

+DownLoaD+ (HotFile AVI 109.1 MB)
- never say die
+DownLoaD+ (MegaUpload AVI 107.02 MB)
+DownLoaD+ (MediaFire MP4 49.82 MB)

credits: YUI-lover, Leo@YUI-indo, R3z4prof

'O' level , November 2009 Exam schedule.

I finally upload this dummy exam schedule! omg, it's been so long that this piece of paper has been given. =O

And right after our exams there'll be our graduation ceremony! Which is to be held on the 22nd of November. Evening 6:30pm. It's supposed to be a happy thing but I sort of don't feel it that way. And yes, I'm one of the committees, but I didn't agreed to it at first. I was told to be in charge of the drama thingie, which I thought I only told the leader I think I should be 'OKAY' with it but I'm not sure if I wanna join. And there he is telling me to do this and that which I'm sort of pissed. Hey, I wanna be the one watching the show but not the one running around when most students are watching the show~! Why don't he just tell other level's students to in charge of this? Which I've told him don't-know-how-many-times. I mean, it's acceptable. = = Meh. Great, whenever I gave him suggestion, he told me I should only be cooperative but not too suggestive, wooohooo~ isn't a leader supposed to learn to accept other's suggestion? Or try to think about it twice or so? Or how you gonna be an efficient worker? You'll die of your hard-headed-ness one day, dude. = =

Mehh, enough about that. Hopefully my graduation exam went well. = = I won't be able to get my cetificate unless I pass the average. D= Which I'm sort of worried since both my average for mid year and first trial are on the boarder line, which is 53. o.O lalalalala~~~

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just feel like blogging for a little~ xD

Lul I'm here to blog again lulul! =x

No, I'm not slacking!!! =O *crosses fingers* =x

Anyways, I just had my English Oral Exam this afternoon and it was... just okay... I made a few mistakes while I was talking to the examiners. Well, now that I think, I could've just say "I'm sorry, I mean..." back then, lul~ BUT I DIDN'T!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Gawd. = = But I guess it was.. fine? Hahahahah!! NOOOOOO I MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF!!


*Clears throat*

WELL, I had my English Oral Exam today and it was GREAT! GREATER THAN GREAT!! XD

*Jumps off building*

Jesus Christ~! Hopefully both my English papers is going to be okay or I'm so sure I'm gonna die in vain. = ='' *goes off to read more English books* LOL! Okay, the problem now is, I'M NOT GOOD WITH PAPER 2!!!!1 Well, I could score quite well in Paper 1 but not Paper 2! Tell me why and tell me how, am I going to strike that dummy paper 2 with flying colours~ T.T Rawrr~ Perhaps it's just the matter of my understanding... I know I don't have common sense baaaaa~ T.T


And Oh~ pictures in Maths tuition~ xD

Baato sensei is trying to feed me fat during the tuition hour~! =O


I ate 3 'balls' of chocolates and... one piece of don't-know-what-is-that cake XD
AND!!!!! I finished the pink coloured drink... .__."
Baato sensei's hand on the left and Jon's hand on the righ!!! XD

Abish blogging for now! Baato sensei said he missed my blogging HAHAHAHAHHAH!!! BAH! Imma continueing my Hiatus status! XD *goneee with winddddd~*