Thursday, September 17, 2009

YUI new album releasing! It's all too much/Never say die

YUI's new album 'It's all too much/Never say die is coming up!!! Yui has cut her hair short and dyed it! It's so cute of herrrr awwww!!!! x333 I really love the way she compose her songs, it always give me a very strong feeling! I may be exaggerate but everytime I listen to her new songs I feel like crying!! well~ = =

it's all too much/never say die

着うた(R)は、いよいよ明日から配信!! (2009.9.1)

『It's all too much / Never say die』ですが、

発売日が、 10/07(水)  に変更になりました!


新曲『It's alll too much』の着うた(R)が、



The date for Yui's album to be released has been changed from 14 October to 7 October! Wheee~!! Though I don't think I can buy it. D'=

PS: There's a line in the info that tells what YUI said about this single:

Even the approaching difficult problem
I want to change into the humour, and to laugh it off.

So as we knew, YUI wanted to give a happy mood to the difficult situations in the movie. x3

It’s all too much/Never say die 2008.10.07
01. It’s all too much
02. Never say die
03. Again (Acoustic Version)
04. It’s all too much (Instrumental)

Download the Single : coming soon
Download the PVs :
- it’s all too much

+DownLoaD+ (HotFile AVI 109.1 MB)
- never say die
+DownLoaD+ (MegaUpload AVI 107.02 MB)
+DownLoaD+ (MediaFire MP4 49.82 MB)

credits: YUI-lover, Leo@YUI-indo, R3z4prof

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