Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just feel like blogging for a little~ xD

Lul I'm here to blog again lulul! =x

No, I'm not slacking!!! =O *crosses fingers* =x

Anyways, I just had my English Oral Exam this afternoon and it was... just okay... I made a few mistakes while I was talking to the examiners. Well, now that I think, I could've just say "I'm sorry, I mean..." back then, lul~ BUT I DIDN'T!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Gawd. = = But I guess it was.. fine? Hahahahah!! NOOOOOO I MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF!!


*Clears throat*

WELL, I had my English Oral Exam today and it was GREAT! GREATER THAN GREAT!! XD

*Jumps off building*

Jesus Christ~! Hopefully both my English papers is going to be okay or I'm so sure I'm gonna die in vain. = ='' *goes off to read more English books* LOL! Okay, the problem now is, I'M NOT GOOD WITH PAPER 2!!!!1 Well, I could score quite well in Paper 1 but not Paper 2! Tell me why and tell me how, am I going to strike that dummy paper 2 with flying colours~ T.T Rawrr~ Perhaps it's just the matter of my understanding... I know I don't have common sense baaaaa~ T.T


And Oh~ pictures in Maths tuition~ xD

Baato sensei is trying to feed me fat during the tuition hour~! =O


I ate 3 'balls' of chocolates and... one piece of don't-know-what-is-that cake XD
AND!!!!! I finished the pink coloured drink... .__."
Baato sensei's hand on the left and Jon's hand on the righ!!! XD

Abish blogging for now! Baato sensei said he missed my blogging HAHAHAHAHHAH!!! BAH! Imma continueing my Hiatus status! XD *goneee with winddddd~*

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