Saturday, August 30, 2014

To Gyeongbok Gung~

It's a date! XD

Today's destination: gyeongbokgung and insadong~

As you can see from our eyes... It's a really sunny day~ xD

The main door that we go into~

Yeah it's a very very bright day!

The main character is supposed to be the background but for some reason, I think it's because of the angle, my legs look so long and slim! I r happy hahahaha xD

After gyeongbokgung, went to a dinning place in insadong, my Egi ordered this huge portion if pork rice and I ordered a kind of Korean soup noodle, which I forgot to take the picture of ma food 

But but! They're damnnnnn nice!! XD

Guess what's this??! I don't even know the name of this stuff xD just saw it and was tempted to try One! XD

Picture taken inside of the shop while queuing up to get that cookie ice cream thingy, wait... hey! That guy photo bombed you!!! XD

Damn cute la boleh~~~~

The cookie ice cream! It's really tasty~~~~~~~~ especially love the chocolate x3

Insadong~~~ this place actually goes right up~ you don't have to use the stairs to go up! What an interesting concept~ 


The lucky lock place for the couple~ I'm very lazy for this kinda things but it's really cute when you take a look around~ 

My adorable new friends I made in there ;p

Got back to egi's place and grabbed a banana milk to drink~ (kinda craving for it now... Damn~)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi ICOM~ It's been awhile.

This post is for 28th of August.

It's been a blissful day, again.

Went to ICOM today in the morning with Novie for her class, and saw a lot of old faces, and of course, new ones~ talked a bit with them even though I knew I was hardly close to them. But oh well~

The cutie Yee Meng after she finished her class~ well I've always been close with her~  she also brought me to KL sentral at night~ I'm very thankful to that~~

Then the another stupid Korean =.= making stupid face~ but ho ho ho~~~ damn when I took this picture with him, I forgot that my phone wasn't on silent mode and the mei pai app made a really loud "dong dong dong, KACHI" sound.... Sooooo embarrassing... =.=

While Yee Meng and Novie discussing class works~ 

Lovely Novie~ thanks for having me~ I really do appreciate your help! I will always remember your kindness~ 

Hello Rupak!!! One of the nicest Indian I have ever met! XD

From Rupak to you, Egi! XD

Hello there!! Actually I was only taking picture with Walter and Kim~ I really didn't know the 2 chicks were behind us! Damn, that was a nice photo bomb!

Credit to the photographer: Novie! She kept quiet and asked to open the picture after we've arrived at the bus stop, said she wanna see the picture. Then only I realize that the 2 chicks were behind us! XD HAHAHHA

Nice one, Caitlyn and Phoebe! XD

Picture with Hanz at the Tea House near Novie's place for dinner! 

Didn't see this kid for a while now he's become thinner and his skin got nicer too! But he's always complaining he doesn't look good enough =.=

Cutie Novie and Hanz~~~

Dinner with the gang I used to always hang out back in ICOM~ I will always miss you guys~~

After that, Yee Meng and Novie brought me to KL sentral around 10pm, and I was carrying this many stuff... Yeah, and damn heavy too~~ 

Damn~ 5 minutes if carrying them was like I've ran 1 hour on the field! =.=

Then finally, I've reached in klia 2 in half an hour, it was a comfy trip, then I got down from the train and quickly got a trolly to put all of it on it... Zzz damn heavy ah~

Anyways, while charging my phone, I met an Indonesian guy, he's kinda nice and talkative~ he wanted to take a picture to send to his friend, so I did~ oh well, just a stranger, won't matter much I guess~ I'm just grateful that I'm able to meet some nice people while waiting for the time to pass in airport~

And yes, my blanket! Luckily I bought one from Genting Klang with Novie's accompany just now~ of not sure cold die =.=

Yes, ladies and gentleman~ I'm in the airport desu~~~~~~~ ok I'm really sleepy... It's 29th August, and it's only 3am now and my flight's at 8am~~ zzz

 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)

To Korea, day 1.

Breakfast at 5am in the airport. Didn't sleep at all. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Till Fate make us meet again~ :3

Was waiting for teng in the morning till afternoon after they went to send ah ling and Huei yin to the airport, then got hungry and then went to the grocery store outside of the hotel/ apartment room to get some food with ah Beng.

Decided to buy a cheese cake and ah Beng bought 3 eggs. Forgot to take a picture of the cheese cake, it was yuuuummy~~

Finally it's time we part, I feel kinda upset that we're leaving and Teng is not going to send us off, but yeah, come to think of it, she's already really tired from sending each and everyone of us to airport.

From sending Fang Ting in the early morning, till sending ah ling and Huei yin, besides, I think I see her more often than the others, so I guess there's no point being so competitive. Yes, I realized I have been kinda competitive recently, don't even know for what and why. =.=

I love it when I take pictures like a retard because it wouldn't be fun to look at in the future when all your faces look the same... XD

Hey hey~ I'm gonna be a rock star~~~~

Left Tawau with ah Ying, I'm truly blessed, that's what I know. Because for having an accompany with me throughout the journey. Although, Ah Ying wasn't the one whose sitting beside me, it was a Chinese couple whose sitting beside me. We talked a little, maybe because I'm tired, so I didn't really know what to talk about...

Selfie time with ah Ying on the express train before we reach KL sentral.

Reason why I know I'm truly blessed, is because I know. God, our father in heaven is really watching us from above.

The flight landed safely in KL is one. Then me being able to get the train on time is another; got on to the taxi which sent me to Novie place safely, and the driver was really friendly, that's another one.

Last but not least, when I got to Novie house, she fell asleep so she didn't answer the phone when I get down from the taxi.

I was kinda scared while keep calling Novie because it was really dark outside. Then suddenly someone inside the apartment came out to the balcony on the second floor to collect her laundry, and she saw me and asked who was I looking for. I said I was looking for Novie.

So she went inside and got her gate controller and opened the gate for me. Not only that, she also came down to open the door for me... I'm so thankful about that! So so very very thankful~ 

Now I'm in Novie's room while writing this~ when I told Novie what happened to me, she's told me that it doesn't happen a lot that someone would open the door like that.

Which is why I know I'm really, really, blessed. Thank you so much Lord for everything that's happening. 

Aaaaaaaaaand it's 1:27am and it's surely time for me to go to sleep. There's no air con but it's ok, I will sleep well 

Good night world!

Thanks for having me here~ 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another departure~

Ok. I'm late for blogging this entry now. But this entry is supposed to be for yesterday.

It's was 8:30am in the morning when I arrived at the departure hall, already in the gate, waiting for the plane to arrive.

Although, I know that I'm still a little scared because of the incident that happened a month ago, that's right, the incident where the AirAsia air craft skid out of the runway. And thank God he protected us all. Praise The Lord.

At last, we reached KL safely too. Praise The Lord!!!

And guess who did I bumped into?? It's Nigel! A long lost friend whom I've known in Brunei when I was younger.

He sat down beside me at the boarding gate and we started chatting, then he also seated right beside me when we were in the plane, and also the klia express train when we were heading back to the KL sentral.

It was indeed a nice trip where we get all the chit chat.

Right after parting with Nigel, as he's meeting his friend up, I went for a gift shopping at the Nu sentral in KL sentral, end up I didn't find anything nice because most are too expensive 

After awhile, because of my heavy hand carries, I finally have up looking for gifts and went to the taxi counter to wait for TENG's father to pick me up~

Went out with aunty and uncle for supper with friends. A funny picture with aunty~ always love hanging out and chit chat with her~ but tonight was really too full that we barely talked a lot~~~

And somemore i believe I was drugged by my antibiotics!!! XD

Well, Uncle went to drink alcohol with friends so the women are too bored so we went back to Teng house~ xD

Imma going to sleep~~~ Aiyaya~ how I miss my daddy and my puppy~~~ 

Good night world~~

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Amway? Why 安利?

卢宪新             卜范芝​

投资公司副总经理   工程公司总经理​



孙 东  梁丁苏​

五官科医生 音乐教师​



谭志波    宋杰彬​




曹洪玉 李家贵​




姜光辉        赵凤霞​

  房地产公司职员   会计​



熊红梅   洪贤明​

    药剂师   医生​





Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A small walk

Went out with Jon tonight because he was stressed from his recently event that's happening in his life. At first he wanted to go to the Mall in Gadong but we decided to go to The Empire Hotel for a cup of coffee instead. 

I've used to like to hang out at Gadong when I was younger, well~ maybe not that younger but few years back in when we were in high school, but recently I find that The Empire Hotel was actually a really nice place to hang out, it's really peaceful and quiet, and well, not to mention the view too~ Although, you might not see a lot at night but it's still a really nice place to go to~ for a little walk or a quiet conversation~ :D

The walk way is just beautiful at night with the lamps. No filter was added into this picture, isn't it just beautiful?

The path way to the beach and the restaurant.

The swimming pool looks so pretty at night you just wanna jump into it soooo bad~ although, no, you can't cuz the swimming pool only opens during the day~

The hotel's view from a little far away outside, beautiful, isn't it? 

Had a cup of mocha chino, but didn't take a picture of it cuz I was lazy xD 

Alrighty time to sleep~ tadaaaaa~

Monday, August 04, 2014

Summoners's war

Yes! I've been looking around the app stores these few days to look for a nice mobile game to play~ and I've found 2 games that's triggered my mobile-gaming mode~

First, LINE's Let's get Rich and Summoners war: sky arena by Com2uS~ which mentioned by my Egi, it's a famous mobile games company.

Anyways, you know about let's get rich, it's a monopoly game that, is, purely depends on your luck! Hahah~ yeah and you can get really frustrated with it too! =.= though the interesting point is that, you can actually play with your friend! Or people from around the world~ xD 

Yeah, let's get angry together instead. =.=

And then I was so tempted to play another game, I looked and look around the app stores and I found this game, "Summoners War: Sky Arena", which has quite a lot of good reviews~ 

So I downloaded it and started playing~ well, don't mind me! I'm still a rookie! XD 

First thing first, what caught my eyes was this beautiful thumbnail on the App Store~ Ah yeah, I do sometimes judge an app by it's thumbnail~ I know it's bad to do so but.. ~_~;

Anyways, after a loooong period of downloading due to my slow connection~ I've finally come to the log in page~ which is beautiful! Really, cute!

Yeah! Welcome to the Summoners war! XD 

After playing for a bit, I've finally reached level 5. Yes, let's call it a rap, I can't look at the small screen for the whole afternoon, my eyes will definitely strain~ x.X 

Now to the monsters part! MAN they have SO MANY monsters!!!! I seriously can't wait to summon all of them!!! Well, hopefully I'm allowed to~ xD 

Here's the map of the game~ there are still soooo many places to be unlocked! Yeap, I'll slowly unlock them... Hopefully I'll have enough patience to play everything though xD

The rookie match! Yeap, those are ghosts I'm versus with~ and nope! I haven't gone to the Arena part because I'm still a coward! XD 

But yeah I'll do that soon, once my monsters are strong enough I guess? 

Well, off to play SW again! XD