Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A small walk

Went out with Jon tonight because he was stressed from his recently event that's happening in his life. At first he wanted to go to the Mall in Gadong but we decided to go to The Empire Hotel for a cup of coffee instead. 

I've used to like to hang out at Gadong when I was younger, well~ maybe not that younger but few years back in when we were in high school, but recently I find that The Empire Hotel was actually a really nice place to hang out, it's really peaceful and quiet, and well, not to mention the view too~ Although, you might not see a lot at night but it's still a really nice place to go to~ for a little walk or a quiet conversation~ :D

The walk way is just beautiful at night with the lamps. No filter was added into this picture, isn't it just beautiful?

The path way to the beach and the restaurant.

The swimming pool looks so pretty at night you just wanna jump into it soooo bad~ although, no, you can't cuz the swimming pool only opens during the day~

The hotel's view from a little far away outside, beautiful, isn't it? 

Had a cup of mocha chino, but didn't take a picture of it cuz I was lazy xD 

Alrighty time to sleep~ tadaaaaa~

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