Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi ICOM~ It's been awhile.

This post is for 28th of August.

It's been a blissful day, again.

Went to ICOM today in the morning with Novie for her class, and saw a lot of old faces, and of course, new ones~ talked a bit with them even though I knew I was hardly close to them. But oh well~

The cutie Yee Meng after she finished her class~ well I've always been close with her~  she also brought me to KL sentral at night~ I'm very thankful to that~~

Then the another stupid Korean =.= making stupid face~ but ho ho ho~~~ damn when I took this picture with him, I forgot that my phone wasn't on silent mode and the mei pai app made a really loud "dong dong dong, KACHI" sound.... Sooooo embarrassing... =.=

While Yee Meng and Novie discussing class works~ 

Lovely Novie~ thanks for having me~ I really do appreciate your help! I will always remember your kindness~ 

Hello Rupak!!! One of the nicest Indian I have ever met! XD

From Rupak to you, Egi! XD

Hello there!! Actually I was only taking picture with Walter and Kim~ I really didn't know the 2 chicks were behind us! Damn, that was a nice photo bomb!

Credit to the photographer: Novie! She kept quiet and asked to open the picture after we've arrived at the bus stop, said she wanna see the picture. Then only I realize that the 2 chicks were behind us! XD HAHAHHA

Nice one, Caitlyn and Phoebe! XD

Picture with Hanz at the Tea House near Novie's place for dinner! 

Didn't see this kid for a while now he's become thinner and his skin got nicer too! But he's always complaining he doesn't look good enough =.=

Cutie Novie and Hanz~~~

Dinner with the gang I used to always hang out back in ICOM~ I will always miss you guys~~

After that, Yee Meng and Novie brought me to KL sentral around 10pm, and I was carrying this many stuff... Yeah, and damn heavy too~~ 

Damn~ 5 minutes if carrying them was like I've ran 1 hour on the field! =.=

Then finally, I've reached in klia 2 in half an hour, it was a comfy trip, then I got down from the train and quickly got a trolly to put all of it on it... Zzz damn heavy ah~

Anyways, while charging my phone, I met an Indonesian guy, he's kinda nice and talkative~ he wanted to take a picture to send to his friend, so I did~ oh well, just a stranger, won't matter much I guess~ I'm just grateful that I'm able to meet some nice people while waiting for the time to pass in airport~

And yes, my blanket! Luckily I bought one from Genting Klang with Novie's accompany just now~ of not sure cold die =.=

Yes, ladies and gentleman~ I'm in the airport desu~~~~~~~ ok I'm really sleepy... It's 29th August, and it's only 3am now and my flight's at 8am~~ zzz

 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)

To Korea, day 1.

Breakfast at 5am in the airport. Didn't sleep at all. 

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