Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Till Fate make us meet again~ :3

Was waiting for teng in the morning till afternoon after they went to send ah ling and Huei yin to the airport, then got hungry and then went to the grocery store outside of the hotel/ apartment room to get some food with ah Beng.

Decided to buy a cheese cake and ah Beng bought 3 eggs. Forgot to take a picture of the cheese cake, it was yuuuummy~~

Finally it's time we part, I feel kinda upset that we're leaving and Teng is not going to send us off, but yeah, come to think of it, she's already really tired from sending each and everyone of us to airport.

From sending Fang Ting in the early morning, till sending ah ling and Huei yin, besides, I think I see her more often than the others, so I guess there's no point being so competitive. Yes, I realized I have been kinda competitive recently, don't even know for what and why. =.=

I love it when I take pictures like a retard because it wouldn't be fun to look at in the future when all your faces look the same... XD

Hey hey~ I'm gonna be a rock star~~~~

Left Tawau with ah Ying, I'm truly blessed, that's what I know. Because for having an accompany with me throughout the journey. Although, Ah Ying wasn't the one whose sitting beside me, it was a Chinese couple whose sitting beside me. We talked a little, maybe because I'm tired, so I didn't really know what to talk about...

Selfie time with ah Ying on the express train before we reach KL sentral.

Reason why I know I'm truly blessed, is because I know. God, our father in heaven is really watching us from above.

The flight landed safely in KL is one. Then me being able to get the train on time is another; got on to the taxi which sent me to Novie place safely, and the driver was really friendly, that's another one.

Last but not least, when I got to Novie house, she fell asleep so she didn't answer the phone when I get down from the taxi.

I was kinda scared while keep calling Novie because it was really dark outside. Then suddenly someone inside the apartment came out to the balcony on the second floor to collect her laundry, and she saw me and asked who was I looking for. I said I was looking for Novie.

So she went inside and got her gate controller and opened the gate for me. Not only that, she also came down to open the door for me... I'm so thankful about that! So so very very thankful~ 

Now I'm in Novie's room while writing this~ when I told Novie what happened to me, she's told me that it doesn't happen a lot that someone would open the door like that.

Which is why I know I'm really, really, blessed. Thank you so much Lord for everything that's happening. 

Aaaaaaaaaand it's 1:27am and it's surely time for me to go to sleep. There's no air con but it's ok, I will sleep well 

Good night world!

Thanks for having me here~ 

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