Friday, August 22, 2014

Another departure~

Ok. I'm late for blogging this entry now. But this entry is supposed to be for yesterday.

It's was 8:30am in the morning when I arrived at the departure hall, already in the gate, waiting for the plane to arrive.

Although, I know that I'm still a little scared because of the incident that happened a month ago, that's right, the incident where the AirAsia air craft skid out of the runway. And thank God he protected us all. Praise The Lord.

At last, we reached KL safely too. Praise The Lord!!!

And guess who did I bumped into?? It's Nigel! A long lost friend whom I've known in Brunei when I was younger.

He sat down beside me at the boarding gate and we started chatting, then he also seated right beside me when we were in the plane, and also the klia express train when we were heading back to the KL sentral.

It was indeed a nice trip where we get all the chit chat.

Right after parting with Nigel, as he's meeting his friend up, I went for a gift shopping at the Nu sentral in KL sentral, end up I didn't find anything nice because most are too expensive 

After awhile, because of my heavy hand carries, I finally have up looking for gifts and went to the taxi counter to wait for TENG's father to pick me up~

Went out with aunty and uncle for supper with friends. A funny picture with aunty~ always love hanging out and chit chat with her~ but tonight was really too full that we barely talked a lot~~~

And somemore i believe I was drugged by my antibiotics!!! XD

Well, Uncle went to drink alcohol with friends so the women are too bored so we went back to Teng house~ xD

Imma going to sleep~~~ Aiyaya~ how I miss my daddy and my puppy~~~ 

Good night world~~

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