Saturday, August 30, 2014

To Gyeongbok Gung~

It's a date! XD

Today's destination: gyeongbokgung and insadong~

As you can see from our eyes... It's a really sunny day~ xD

The main door that we go into~

Yeah it's a very very bright day!

The main character is supposed to be the background but for some reason, I think it's because of the angle, my legs look so long and slim! I r happy hahahaha xD

After gyeongbokgung, went to a dinning place in insadong, my Egi ordered this huge portion if pork rice and I ordered a kind of Korean soup noodle, which I forgot to take the picture of ma food 

But but! They're damnnnnn nice!! XD

Guess what's this??! I don't even know the name of this stuff xD just saw it and was tempted to try One! XD

Picture taken inside of the shop while queuing up to get that cookie ice cream thingy, wait... hey! That guy photo bombed you!!! XD

Damn cute la boleh~~~~

The cookie ice cream! It's really tasty~~~~~~~~ especially love the chocolate x3

Insadong~~~ this place actually goes right up~ you don't have to use the stairs to go up! What an interesting concept~ 


The lucky lock place for the couple~ I'm very lazy for this kinda things but it's really cute when you take a look around~ 

My adorable new friends I made in there ;p

Got back to egi's place and grabbed a banana milk to drink~ (kinda craving for it now... Damn~)

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