Monday, September 01, 2014

To Myungdong~

Another date today~ this time to myung dong!

But before that~ we had lunch at a jajangmyung shop nearby egi's place, of course, we had jajangmyung!! According to Egi, this is the most traditional jajangmyung~

Looks delicious, isn't it?

Close up! Yum yum~~~~

After that, we're off to myung dong!!! Reminds me of west street (xi men ding) in Taiwan~

One of the street food there, I wanted to eat but Egi said it's too spicy, don't think I can handle it. So I didn't eat it in the end~  but I did try Hodduk~ but I forgot to take a picture of it~ it's delicious with some pinch if sugar and nuts~ yuummmm~

We were tired from walking around, so we decided to go to the cat cafe that we saw on the street people were dressing as cat mascots xD seriously... The cats are too... Fat!!!! XD

The little girl is very popular among the cats~ cuz she goes around and feed them food xD

Polar bear cat~ been sleeping there since we got there and until we're gone! XD

This is a tacky cat! She complains when people touch her xD

Ho ho ho~~~ this can be the fattest cat ever la!! So damn fat and fluffy! XD

After that~ it's night time! Myung dong looks great during the night too~ with the banner lights lighted up, looks like it's telling you "light life have started!"

Tornado potato!!! Finally have the chance to try it~ now I know why people like it so much!! XD how come the one I had in Brunei was just so so? ._. Like something I can cook by myself~ lalallaa

Aaah!! Before that! We had the andongchimdark too! It's the steam chicken from An Dong~ it was tasty... But spicy!!! Recommended to people who love spicy food!! Hahaha

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