Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dongdaemun kajaaaa~~~

Say Anyeoung~!

My eyebrows are a little too thick today~ making my make up look a bit thick >.<

Today, we're going to~~~ the art expo and then dongdaemun~~!!

When we arrived at the art expo, man you have no idea how pretty the place is!

And the weather was pleasant, it wasn't too hot nor it wasn't too cold hence the beautiful sky~~

While we're there, there was this Chanel Expo, I thought I was in luck to see all the awesome stuff, well since it was for free, why not? XD

It's a dark room filled with the small kacang of the history of Chanel~ looks beautiful~~ but snide in not a fan of Chanel, I got out after a few minutes while the other people are still exploring around in awe~

Somewhere which I forgot the name of the place~ the river was beautiful so I took a picture of it~ seriously, better than Malaysia's poo poo drains xD

And I seriously think that, today, my eye.brows.are.too.weird. =.=

Ah yaya! After walking around for a bit, finally we've reached our dinner destination~ the kwangjang market!!

Many food stalls are already opened but we're not sure where to sit and what to eat~ xD cuz everything look so delicious!!!

Well that's one reason, another reason was that, Egi hardly eat at places like this so he doesn't know how to choose~ lousy Egi~ 

Ddeobokki and something gimbap for only 6,000 won! Cheap cheap! And it's reaaaaaaaaally delicious~~~ 

Buchimgae and daebak makgelri! Really "daebak" (superb) that after drinking that, Egi and I felt tipsy for a few minutes walking around in kwangjang market~ I think it also related with me standing up too fast from the seats~ 

Well there were people waiting~ xD

Yummy Buchimge~

Beautiful sky in Seoul during the evening~

Cuz we were a little tipsy and was looking for direction to dongdaemun (babo Egi don't even know where we were~ call him a Korean~ =.=), we sat down on a stone near the street while he tried calling his sister for directions to dongdaemun xD

Dongdaemun! Finally we've reached here~

Lotte fitin~ didn't go in yet cuz I wanted to shop for clothes and was too tired after that~ hahah xD

Mei said I should really visit Lotte so I will~ but maybe after a few days? XD

Dongdaemun is really energetic at night~ ㅋㅋㅋ

There's a famous shopping mall called Doota in dongdaemun, but it was in renovation so we can't go in~  it's ok... I can go another day, again~ 

despite that, we manage to shop in another mall and get to see this beautiful performance on the street xD

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