Sunday, September 07, 2014

Home alone and night at Hongdae~

Woke up around 8 or 9 something... Had brunch with my Egi and his family before they depart for ChuSeok visit to their grandparents house~

forgot to take a picture so here's a picture of me being at home alone after they left~ even Goreng was mung after that xD

The mom left me with some kind of ddok, I also dunno what is it xD it's with some kinda sauce and mixture with red beans~ good snack while watching tv xD tasty tasty~

My lunch which my egi's mom have left a lot in the fridge~ my stomach is pretty small so I only took a few of things to eat~

Some white kimchi and matured kimchi, mixed bean rice, gwenchang chige, and some Kim~ yum yum~

After that, I was bored... Hence the colorful nails~

Well, I always wanted to try something like this~ and egi's sister said I can use her nail polish so here I am~ xD wahahahaha

Then went out with this guy, Jong Rae ssi at night after 7pm. He arrive quite on time~ very good! Hahaha xD

Anyways, this picture was taken at hongdae after we had dinner near my egi's place.

He took me to hongdae for a walk/ shop because he thought I was very poor for being left "abandoned" at home alone~ hahaha

I didn't buy anything though, cuz I didn't have confidence I would not be wasting money buying stuff I don't need... hahahah 

We had thiiiiiis much for dinner~ can't even finish it!! Got so so so full after that~~~ xD

Went to hongdae after the dinner, it looked really different from day time~ the lights made the streets look so beautiful~

There was a street performance going on by the time we got there, we stayed for a bit and heard them singing rap~ while the crowd would follow them and sing too~ it was pretty entertaining~

only thing is that I'm not THAT interested in street performances, not because it's not nice, it's because I'm always, always too short to even get to see the hair of the performer... =.=

This guy took around around for a tour at hongdae, brought me to places that Egi and onni didn't bring me to the other time we got here~

there were many beautiful places and nice looking bars~ oh I'm so gonna shop for more some other day!! Hahaha xD

After looking around all the places, he took me home. Otw home, we realized that he dropped his phone at olive young, so we went back to the place to collect his phone.

Oh and, before we went home, the reason why he dropped his phone at olive young, was because he bought a plaster for me because I fell down on some rocking road and wounded my feet~

He brought me to a river near hongdae and it was too dark is didn't realize there was a step down to the stair case, and I fell right before we saw the river 

My wound wouldn't stop bleeding and it freaked him out real bad xD oh and lucky enough I had glister with me, so I sprayed it on and stopped the bleeding~~~

When I got home, Goreng was waiting for me in front of the door~ that was sooooo cute I could melt right away~~~ xD 

Oh and about this 2 bags~ it's from Jong Rae ssi and is from canbybi, his company~ he gave one to mei and he was so sweet enough to give me one too! I really like this bag~  thank you Jong Rae ssi~~

Well, after getting home, the house phone was ringing right away and the Kakaotalk's alert was spamming on my phone~ I picked the phone up and it was my egi calling, his whole family wasn't asleep because I wasn't home yet by 11pm. ^^" I felt bad for having them worried whole night :( bad min~

"It was really fun tonight", said Jong Rae ssi. 

"It was our first outing and I saw your clumsy side, I saw your blood, and I saw your dirty foot while you cleaning your wound..." He said while laughing the whole time... 

Yeah... It was really fun tonight... Thanks to you... HAHAHHA 

Tada world~

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  1. Anonymous6/1/15 21:33

    your story was interesting! looks like you really enjoyed spending your time there OuO anyway i like your cat! :3