Saturday, September 06, 2014

Day 9 in Korea~

Soooooooooo today~ woke up at 8am in the morning because we're going to catch a movie. Yes! Movie in the early morning~ shocking ._.

But it seems that it's pretty normal in Korea, because movie tickets are cheap in the morning so people would go to see them even in the morning~ woot~

Which also lead me to... Kinda not enough sleep~ cuz I slept around 2 last night... zzzz

The movie we went to see in the morning was...


Man, this is one awesome movie~ yeap! Because of the effects they made and of course, the actress was daaaaamn hot! XD hahhaa

I've never worried about how much percentage our brains are using, but after seeing this movie, I started to think that, if reaching 100% our brain's function is really like that, I would really love to just stay the way we are now...

Because it seems like a lot of work to do to "maintain" that brain... XD

Oh yes, I'm a damn lazy person xD

After movie, we went to somewhere near to have sushi~ oooh my~ it was one of the best sushi I've ever eaten!!

Although my egi said that it's not the best sushi yet, but still... After eating the sushi in Malaysia (you really don't wanna know how bad they taste like), you'd appreciate other sushi... Even in Brunei..!!!

Looks daaaaaamn delicious~ I don't even know what they've ordered! I just eat whatever they ordered! XD

After that~ we went to Hongdae street to walk walk and shop shop~ it's a beautiful street, isn't it?

Then finally, we stopped at flea market~ (or free market?). As mentioned by my egi, the it's a free market where anyone can sell their handmade products! We saw some really good ones but didn't have the intention to buy anything then~

So~~ we kept on walking~

So we walk, and we walk, and we walk....

The sun's damn bright today you can't even see his face...

Onni~~~~~ she's so cute, right? XD

She's not in a good condition today cuz she's got hangover~ meh meh~ drank too much last night with her friends la xD

Had chocolate banana cake and vanilla strawberry cake while onni ordered americano~~~ yum yum~~

After dessert~ onni said she wanted to go home, but we ended up at some shopping centre~

This is where the ground floor of that shopping mall is, children playing around the water fountain with parents accompany~ so lively~~~

So Beautiful when you look up~

Another one with the rainbow umbrella sky~ 

After that, since I forgot to bring my subway card, I bought a single trip subway ticket and went home.

At night, after abba and omma got home~ we started my first home made Korean BBQ!! Weeeeeee~~ onni was the one taking the picture~ 

Jajang~ this time onni is in~ 

Waaaaa~ such wonderful dinner~~ feeling damn full now~~ 

So blissful~~~~~~

After everything~ everyone sat in a corner to watch the tv together~ there was a movie playing since we started eating~ I don't even know the name and don't even understand it cuz there's no subtitles and my stupid bf was too enjoying himself to translate the important parts for me~

so here I am~ bored and typing all the journals for today~ well it's a fun day~ I appreciate everything that happened~

Praise The Lord for whatever that happened~ 

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