Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Once in a while~

It's been awhile since I last seen and went out this woman~ finally on this day she asked me out to accompany her to the BRIDEX Job Exhibition~ well, still consider as an outing, isn't it? XD 

She wanted to look for a job regarding Human Resources, unfortunately there were not many thought fortunately she was able to find some that she really wanna get into, like this company called the Sumitomo company. Although I have no idea why, maybe it's because it's a Japanese company and it's international.

There was one that she went to, the service person interviewed her right after she filled up the form, shocking~ I'm guessing that person in front of the table was either the boss or supervisor of the company. Anyways, Mary did well, I assume~ she was kinda nervous and shocked xD of course, if it happened to me I would be super nervous man! HAHAHHA xD 

Didn't take any photo of the exhibition but I did take a beautiful photo while on the way out of the place, it's somewhere near the "legendary" Jerudong Park~ XD 

I know, it's a beautiful view, it would be event perfect if there were no car in front of us~ but oh well, let's just enjoy the view~ ;)

After the job exhibition, we went to a restaurant near my house, nasi katok kaka to catch up~ At first we thought that huge restaurant was selling different variety of nasi katok, but we were wrong~! They have more than we expected! Lol xD 

So, since the time was almost near to dinner time, we order something small and I had a cup of Honey lemon tea and she had wheat grass with jelly, I think?

Sesame prawn toast

Cucur udang, also a kinda prawn snack~

Tasty tasty~ 

After the limteh session, she decided to come to my house to scan her CV for the Sumitomo company and then she went home after everything eas done~ 

A lovely day indeed~ ❤️ although sometimes I really wished we still living under one same roof so we can talk to each other more~ 😭