Sunday, November 08, 2009

i r teh bored D:

Holaaa~~ it's been awhile since I last blogged! XD Well, it's not that I've lost interest at blogging or whatnot, but just feeling a little (or should I say very?) lazy to blog nowadays due to the... exam, maybe? XD I'm... just feeling lazy! =x

I've downloaded lots and lots of songs recently, most of them are Japanese and Chinese, few Korean and a little bit of English songs, I even tired downloading metal/ gothic songs yesterday due to my curiousity, however, they're not to my style~ D: And I noticed some of them can actually ruin my mood just by listening to them, well actually most of them. =\

Nothing much happened recently except the exam fever. Well, not really 'fever' to me since I don't study like an insane person. :O Had Geography the other day, didn't even really studied, the question was not THAT difficult, and those chapters I didn't study but I had a feeling it will be in the exam end up in the exam paper also! woots! "You're gambling again!" Yea, that's what my friend told me, and yes! I always do that =\ well it's not very good for a student who is having exam. Meh~ studeh! = =

Current Favourite:

中島美嘉 – 流れ星
(Mika Nakashima - Nagareboshi) [2009.11.04]

NICO Touches the Walls – かけらー総べての想いたちへー
(Kakera -Subete no Omoitachi e-) [2009.11.04]

These are currently my favourite albums! =D I especially like NICO Touches the Walls's Kakera -Subete no Omoitachi e- because it has Osamu in the MV! x33 Well, but the song is actually quite nice though~ MV are provided here~ =D

Aaaaaaaaaalright now, I should go and study my combine science, paper 2 and I barely know things. =s Afternoon will be Geography paper1, I guess I should be okay with it~ meow~ xD