Thursday, March 27, 2008

Law test was...

I was still asleep around 10 past 9 in the morning, and suddenly there was a phone call from my driving school, saying that I'll have to sit for my law test this afternoon. oh, kay... wait... WHAT? THIS AFTERNOON??? what the... okay, I wasn't prepared at all... = =" I thought they should have contacted me a day ago if I was to sit for my law test today... And ONLY I remembered that my provisional license was already expired for few weeks for now... So, I woke up and sat around as I was so worried that I don't know what to do. So end up I studied law in the malay version on my bed and fell back asleep... lol~ and I finally woke up after an hour or so, continued study for my law test and my mom miss called me to go.

After arrived the office of land transport, applied for a new provisional license and then finally, I went up for my law test. The law examiner this time was so kind that he even checked my answer sheet from head to toe and then showed his big thumb to me. oh, kay... so does it mean I'd pass for this time? = =" damn it... so stress about it already...

Oh, and this is how I online for now~ XD

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday YUI-chan!!! x33

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest and most favourite singer, YUI!

oh hoo... damn it man~ I was suppose to upload my latest blog layout of YUI, due to some reason that the html code doesn't seemed too friendly to me on this laptop... = =" Geez~!!! Ah nevermind~ I might upload it some other day then. I was also trying to update 'GirlFriends' blog layout but yeah... it was the same so hmm... sorry girls~ =b

Oh yeah, not to forgot to greet this guy, Kevin, a belated Happy Birthday too! x3 All the best wishes to you and your career~ =D

Monday, March 24, 2008

Aha.. endless TV show... = ="

Oh horrayyyyy~~ Let's celebrate the victory of Ma Ying-Jeou! Ah l-o-l~ Just like what Bon had mentioned in her blog, the news of the victory of Ma Ying-Jeou was on for the whole day endlessly. Let's just say that "hey, give us back our TV programs and stop wresting them away from us~" = =" Lol~ though I don't hate Ma Ying-Jeou, but we'll only know what he really is after awhile. So we'll see. It's just like how surprised I was to see there were still 500 k people supporting Chen Shuei-Bian even though he lose of being a president of Taiwan this time... Oh wells, everything has it's own positive and negative sides.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

OMG i'm online!!! XDD

Lol, yesh, surprisingly that I'm online, at home!!! O.o Not to be too surprised, 'cos my dad just discovered this last night, that we can actually get connected to one of the wireless modem which is near to my place. However, the signal is really low due to some reason so I have to bring the laptop to the balcony to online... I suppose the modem should be located quite some distance to my house eh? Anyhow, I'm blogging! Wheeeee!! XD

First of all here, I shall greet a Happy Belated Birthday to two of my dearest friends~ =] Mei Qing and Naddie~ x3 All the best wishes to you both thought I didn't manage to greet you personally on Mei Qing's birthday, and sorry Naddie that I left your present at the school in my class when Andy, Julian and I was rushing to find eVon that day... wells, if you are coming to Chung Hwa, don't forget to tell me one day before the day you're coming, so that I can bring the present to you! =D

Owh, hmm, I haven't been practicing driving since a month a go, and that was when I failed my law exam. My driving instructor said that, I'll only continue my driving lessons after I got my law result pass. But wells, I still failed at the end.. = =" and I have to retake it again on 27th of this month. Meh...

Holiday is here, and I somehow owe lots of scripts and compositions to my teacher... Argh~ Chinese! = =" But well, since I've already decided to do something better before I graduated from my middle school, I'd do it then~ meow~ wish me good luck~ .__.

Students in my school has started preparing and asking other students to join houses activities, and I joined high jump, long jump and ping pong, wells, I said I was gna do something before I graduated~ XP Though I still don't understand how can Pei gets injured that EASILY even just by doing a simple sport... .__." and she kept nagging at me about her injury though she injured herself... = =" Oh lol, Mary and I were supposed to go hiking at the Tasek but ended up the family brought us to shopping until 5 and we ended up jogging at Subok hill only... man... = ="