Monday, March 24, 2008

Aha.. endless TV show... = ="

Oh horrayyyyy~~ Let's celebrate the victory of Ma Ying-Jeou! Ah l-o-l~ Just like what Bon had mentioned in her blog, the news of the victory of Ma Ying-Jeou was on for the whole day endlessly. Let's just say that "hey, give us back our TV programs and stop wresting them away from us~" = =" Lol~ though I don't hate Ma Ying-Jeou, but we'll only know what he really is after awhile. So we'll see. It's just like how surprised I was to see there were still 500 k people supporting Chen Shuei-Bian even though he lose of being a president of Taiwan this time... Oh wells, everything has it's own positive and negative sides.

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