Monday, August 04, 2014

Summoners's war

Yes! I've been looking around the app stores these few days to look for a nice mobile game to play~ and I've found 2 games that's triggered my mobile-gaming mode~

First, LINE's Let's get Rich and Summoners war: sky arena by Com2uS~ which mentioned by my Egi, it's a famous mobile games company.

Anyways, you know about let's get rich, it's a monopoly game that, is, purely depends on your luck! Hahah~ yeah and you can get really frustrated with it too! =.= though the interesting point is that, you can actually play with your friend! Or people from around the world~ xD 

Yeah, let's get angry together instead. =.=

And then I was so tempted to play another game, I looked and look around the app stores and I found this game, "Summoners War: Sky Arena", which has quite a lot of good reviews~ 

So I downloaded it and started playing~ well, don't mind me! I'm still a rookie! XD 

First thing first, what caught my eyes was this beautiful thumbnail on the App Store~ Ah yeah, I do sometimes judge an app by it's thumbnail~ I know it's bad to do so but.. ~_~;

Anyways, after a loooong period of downloading due to my slow connection~ I've finally come to the log in page~ which is beautiful! Really, cute!

Yeah! Welcome to the Summoners war! XD 

After playing for a bit, I've finally reached level 5. Yes, let's call it a rap, I can't look at the small screen for the whole afternoon, my eyes will definitely strain~ x.X 

Now to the monsters part! MAN they have SO MANY monsters!!!! I seriously can't wait to summon all of them!!! Well, hopefully I'm allowed to~ xD 

Here's the map of the game~ there are still soooo many places to be unlocked! Yeap, I'll slowly unlock them... Hopefully I'll have enough patience to play everything though xD

The rookie match! Yeap, those are ghosts I'm versus with~ and nope! I haven't gone to the Arena part because I'm still a coward! XD 

But yeah I'll do that soon, once my monsters are strong enough I guess? 

Well, off to play SW again! XD 


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