Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Suddenly, the thoughts of future came rushing inside of my head.
Suddenly, the memories of the past flashes through my head.
Suddenly, everything happened just in a few seconds time.

Perhaps I sounded like I was going to die for a moment, but nahh, just some random thoughts flashed through my brain~ Worry not, I'm sitll as healthy as a cow~! :O

What was I thinking? Oh yeah, the future. Talk about money, I don't have much now. I want to buy things, I want to study aboard, I want to pay my own fees, I want to support my family; but for now, I only have enough for my own from working. How I wish I could get a job with high salary, so I could pay for my own things while supporting my family. =s Mehh.

About the past, was the time I used to spend with my dear friends, my dear family, my cousins, and my dear bf (:O). If I happened to leave this place to somewhere else to study or to work, will I still be able to contact them very often? In this case, I'm talking about my friends. =b I'm sure I'll miss the time when we used to talk in my car and gossiping about others until late night, the time we used to argue about small little things such as jealousy, the time we used to hang out just to catch up with each other's lives, and lots more. Aiyaa, not trying to sound emotional here but just some random thoughts~ XDD

Bah, that's all for nao if not someone's goona say I sound very emotional here again! xD

hona mata~!

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