Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ladies Night at i-Lotus

Just got home from dinner with Mary awhile ago. It's called the "Ladies' Night", organized by St. Andrew Church at i-Lotus. They invited pastor Joyce, a Singaporean to the dinner. Surprisingly, unlike some of the Singaporean, she's rather friendly and cheerful. The way she had her speech on the stage wasn't really like she's giving you a lesson, it was more like she's telling you some stories from some of her experiences. She had fun with the audience, make jokes, she didn't pay too much attention to her broken English, it wasn't very bad, we had fun listening instead because it's the way she tells her stories, it sounds really funny~ =b

She's a wife of one, mother of two, and recently she had just been promoted to GM! Isn't it so great? Oh, don't get me wrong, GM refers to Grand-Ma! :DDDD

She shared with us about a story about she was once going through one of the lowest period of her life; she was feeling very down, and suddenly she developed some kinda sickness where her feet is all swollen. The doctors told her that this disease can't be cured. She was very anxious, she asked God why was she getting this kind of sickness when she has so many things to take care of. She's a pastor's wife, she has two kids, and she's also a grandmother! She prayed to God to cure her sickness, she even told God she's going to keep silence for 8 days.

In the 8 days, she went out station to the Seven Fountains Retreat Centre in Chiangmai, Thailand. This morning, she woke up very early, the sky was still dark. She walked into the cool of the garden at Seven Fountains Retreat Centre, with a heavy heart. Instead of the usual bird songs at that time of day, she was met by clusters of brightly coloured butterflies flitting among the many flowering bushes in the garden/ She stood in front of one particular hibiscus bush and studied closely two purple butterflies chasing each other round and round the scarlet blooms. She was envious of them. And all of sudden, she heard a voice asking her "May I have this dance?" in a soft, gentle tone. She startled, there were nobody else in the garden except her at this hour. As she turned to look, the echo came again "May I have this dance?". She knew right away it was God talking to her, she protested, "My heart is broken, my spirit is weary, and I have a real pain in both my heels. You're asking the impossible, Lord!" and then the voice came again, "Look at the butterflies. They have such short lives and yet they are dancing for Me and with Me every morning."

She looked again, and her eyes were suddenly opened to the reality of the scene. The butterflies were not playing a chasing game, they were dancing. In her ears, she could almost hear the heavenly chorus accompanying their graceful flight. Now, not just the two butterflies were swirling, twirling and flitting in a hilarious dance of great abandonment before their Maker. These insects with flimsy wings and flimsier lives were rejoicing in dance before their Life Giver.

She laughed out loud, "Yes, Lord, teach me to dance!"

My tears were playing games with my eyes when I hear this part, but I had to keep calm cuz I didn't wanna cry in front of so many people! Though I guess nobody really cared. :OOO

And stories follow after. I feel very sleepy, so won't be continuing until the next update. :DDD

Keep no records of your Love, because that's the way God Loves you, and He wants you to Love others like how he does for you.

That's what pastor Joyce told me before we left. :]

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