Thursday, September 23, 2010

太陽風暴 / Solar storm is coming~ prediction...

美國宇航局(NASA)最新的“太陽動力觀測衛星”等多個衛星,週日均錄得這次太陽風暴,各國天文工作者目睹一場劇烈的太陽“耀斑”爆發。耀斑下的太陽黑 子,足有地球大小,這次爆發隨後引發太陽表面更大範圍的太陽風暴,向上億公里外的地球噴發出大量帶電粒子,形成一股強烈的太陽風。

科學家20日在倫敦一場國際會議中 警告,2013年地球可能遭受威力比擬100枚氫彈爆炸的太陽風暴侵襲,屆時太陽表面劇烈的閃焰爆發,可能導致全球大停電、通訊及網路系統中斷、飛機無法 起飛、食物供給出問題、網際網路中斷,從家用冰箱到汽車衛星導航器的各種東西都會受到影響,地球恐因此陷入癱瘓。

太陽風暴是指太陽黑子活動高峰階段的劇烈爆發活動,通常每隔 11年就會進入活躍期,爆發時太陽表面會產生巨大閃焰,太陽黑子則會釋放大量帶電粒子,與地球磁場撞擊後會產生磁層搖晃,猛烈的磁層搖晃就是地磁風暴。大 規模太陽風暴約百年發生一次,科學家預測下次高峰期將出現在2013年。





A major solar storm slated for 2012 could shut down America . Like the Y2K bug and other claims, the major solar storm in 2012 could become the end of civilization as we know it. Of course, these things rarely take place as they are based on myths and folklore, however the threat of solar storms is very, very real and based on science.

Solar storms are a pretty routine event, as they are typically met in the earth’s atmosphere with magnetic fields that lessen their impact.

According to “In early September in 1859, telegraph wires suddenly shorted out in the United States and Europe , igniting widespread fires. Colorful aurora, normally visible only in polar regions, were seen as far south as Rome and Hawaii .”

That was before the modern day accoutrements such as electricity, cable TV, phone lines, and the internet were so crucial to our society. If the same thing happened now, our electrical grid and communications system could suffer major damage.

Of course, the story about these major solar storms in 2012 may be criticized as modern day Armageddon theories. There are many who don’t likely believe the story claiming it’s just another way to scare people into thinking it’s the end of the world. However, these major storms have happened before making their possibility based in reality rather than fiction.


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