Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is short, please be appreciated with the things around you...




If today was the last day of your life, what is the thing that you want to do the most?

Do you wanna quarrel with your loved ones?
Do you wanna keep track of how much you have sacrificed for the people around you?


Do you wanna do something good to your loved ones?
Do you wanna do something special for the people around you?
Do you wanna give good memories to people you know so they would remember you even if you were gone?

You should treat every day as if it was your last day.

I've just received a heartbreaking news last night, that is, one of my friend had just passed away. I was really shocked to hear that, and for a moment I was even doubting it.

He was with two of his closest friends before he was gone. After they reached Miri, they went to eat somewhere. He fainted while having dinner with friend J and friend M, but very soon he gained back his consciousness. After the dinner, they went to buy clothes because his clothes got dirty when he fainted. Once they reached the hotel, he felt dizzy, so he lied down to rest. By then, according to friend J, his breathing was very strange. They asked him if he was okay, I'm not very sure if there's any reply from him but sooner they went down to the lobby to ask for help. Not sure how long did the ambulance took to arrive the hotel, but when they reached the hospital, if I'm not mistaken, there was no sign of life of him. They tried to perform CPR on him, perhaps about half an hour. In the end, he's not coming back anymore. His father and brother went to Miri the next morning.

Seriously, life is really unpredictable. Eventhough he's just one of my not-very-close-friend, it's still a shock, not to mention about how would all of his closest friends feel, sad? depressed? and yes, he has a girl too, how is that girl feeling right now? I'm just... well...

Went to his house tonight, since I know his brother, and one of my closest friend is the girl of the brother. I saw his picture on the table the moment I stepped into the house. I could hardly keep my eyes away from the picture, it feels so... unreal... that's all I can say... I suddenly feel like crying when I saw his brother. He was trying to be strong... though he even said that, he's not so sure if he would get use to living without his brother at home... God... I can't even imagine if I were to live without my brother one day, as in, if he was dead.

Our father in heaven... Please... let him rest in peace.

Life is short, so please, appreciate it.

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