Monday, August 03, 2009


Cool guitar Versus awful sprained ankle~ = =''

Went out with a friend of mine yesterday, then I fell and sprained it when we were about to go home. Mehh~ I checked it on my own, it was... dislocated! =O And I almost couldn't move this morning (not used to my sprained ankle~ xD) Well, at least my mom told me to rest(Oh yeah no need to go to school! xD) and she'll bring me to fix my leg afterwards. So yea, I slept and woke up around 10+, then mom brought me to fix my ankle, and YES! IAMSTILLALIVEYES! = = I didn't scream, but the fixing was... well, I can only tell you to try NOT to sprain your ankle... Though I've always wondered how fixing your ankle was like. Okay now I've tried it and I wouldn't wanna try no more! D=

Alright now, the picture above is just how my leg look like now~ xD with hmmm a BIG PAO! and no, you can't eat it =x lalala~ maybe I can only take it off by tomorrow afternoon.~ mehh = =''

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