Thursday, August 13, 2009

Follow your dream, or just follow the crowd?

*≈ Ļరη̉ξrƹdϣʚϟƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ | 1314/2 | says:
i read something today
more than 6 billion people on earth
less than 1 billion complete education
next year is 2010
means people who went to uni during '07 or '06 will be graduating soon
the world is not the same as it was during 06 or 07
a lot of things have changed
some people followed their dreams. but some people just followed the crowd.
do what people say, do what people do, not doing what they want
those people, come 2010, will regret all their decisions
because they never took their time to think 'today' for their 'tomorrow'.
Education and career is beyond diplomas and degrees. employees won't expect a piece of paper to work for them. they need young leaders who are creative, capable of multitasking, good speakers, intelligent, skilled, full of passion, aspirations dreams and hope.
Quote for the day. =D

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