Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Something amazing o.O

Guess what? I'm blogging!!! Well, it's not something to be surprised about, not like I haven't been blogging for centuries. But the thing is, I'm doing home work/project! Well, it's not the normal project that I would do... this time I'm doing... MALAY PROJECT!!! Yes, for those who know me well enough, I barely even 'touch' bahasa melayu stuff~ o.O But now I'm doing it!!! What a scene... I must screen shoot it! xD

I know there're LOTSA mistakes!! Just laugh it out loud!!! XD

Yea, we have to look for some media permata thingie~ then make questions out of it...

Yes! This is so super rare that I, would do such thing! xD But yea, in order to not fail my first half year, I should do something to the mark, though I know it's kind of too late for it. = = but yea, I'LL WORK IT OUT! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~!

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