Friday, August 04, 2006


It's cold here!!! Help! I'm freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_x

Man, raining in the afternoon, then my room is like so darn cold now. = ="

Woot, I have no idea why I can't enter friendster. My friend asked me to check out this person, Jia Xuan (or something else). 'Cause he or she had been spying my friend/s for awhile, or maybe for a long time. This making them a bit scared, and angry as well. So she asked me if I could hack his/her account, to check out who is that. Hmmm, but I guess I could only ask someone else to hack for me, 'cause I don't know much of those hacker thingie. Hmmmm~

Just played a bit of O2jam, I just raised my level from 19 to 20. Hahah! XD And I can finally play the 'Bride In Dream' normal version!!! XD Tho my result is D. ._." Anyways, my arms like so pain, 'cause I brought my HUGE radio all the way from home to school this afternoon, while it was raining. Hmmmm. Then when I reached there, my hands were like, trambling (don't know spelling correct or not, XO) ya know? ^^" And I'm now shivering..... It's cold here.... = =" I'm covering my self with blanket, a bit better, but my feets' still cold... ^^"

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