Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Boring there~

Yoz~ Here I am again, at home this time, abviously. Well, I'm kinda sick of something here, but I do now know what is it or what happen to me. Just had a Conversation with my mom, kinda miss her. =b And my dad as well. They were going to bring my grandparents out and walking around in the park or some place else I think. Well, they have to exercies tho. =3 Kinda miss Taiwan a lot, the places that I always go, slightly came up to my mind for sometimes. Hoping the times would go faster, then my parents will be back faster so that I don't have to wait no more. I really don't like to sleep over my uncle's place. It's like, no computer, no internet, no music, no vedios, no nothing, just tv1, 2 , and 3 there. Hmmmmmm. = =" I'll bring some books there for myself to study. Aight, and I thought that my uncle would come around 7 something just now, and it's already 8:08pm now, he's not here still. Maybe this is just the punishment of I'm always be late? hmmmm.

For my mom's information, my dad bought a new laptop, the latest ones. = =" Asus, kinda shock when I heard he bought a new laptop. 'Cause he just brought his laptop there, then sms-ed my mom last week, about something wrong with his laptop. Then today my mom tell me he got a new laptop. I was like, hmmmmm~ ._o" Internet is just like crap now, can't connect to the other websites, so I can't show the laptop here. I don't really remember what model it is. A bit sleepy here, I think I'm going to finish the entry now, don't really know what to type in here, don't feel like thinking anything. I just hope I could just stop going to my uncle's house. = ="

Well, night night everyone. =) Have a good night, sweet dreams. =) Don't get yourself too tired over anything. =) Nightz!!!!Boring there~

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