Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Just came back from Vin's house, owh, I mean came back awhile ago, then chatted with him for awhile until he has to go for his tuition. And owh! My brother was at home just now, when I came back I was like, Woah! You're here?! Then now he's gone also. Hmmm~ Lonely here again... T x T Kinda miss my brother tho~ hahaha~ XD And owh! Ever since he went to my uncle house to sleep over there, his face is like, growing some disgusting things~ like pimple, but not pimple @@" then the right eye also bangkat~ no idea why... ._." Gna talk about it with my mom~ I told my brother come back to sleep this coming sunday~ hahahah~~~~ XD Then I won't be sleeping alone anymore!!! XDDD wooooooootssss! XD But not sure whether can or not... = ="

School today... wasn't that bad, despite that my maths test wasn't what good. Hmmm~ Too bad~ I did until like page 4, then others are all blank. Not I don't wanna do or I didn't listen to the teacher in the class. I DID, but the thing is, don't really get what those algibra thingie, well I know my spelling is wrong~ heheheh! XP I suppose I need to work harder for my maths start from now, and Geo too, well I suppose every of my subjuects needs to. Lol! I don' wish to fail anyone of them in my final exam. STUDY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr~~~~ I know I can study, but I'm just like too lazy to study when I'm at home. Sitting in the front of the computer, hands' typing, eyes' watching. Lazy to move my butt to hold the book. ._." Hahahah! Anyways, I'll work hard, I don't wanna end up like last year again, just few marks then I'll go up to the higher level of my secondary life. Grrr~!! I'm too old to be in secondary only now!!! STUDY STUDY!!!!! Blaaaaa~~ ._."

Relationship with friends in school, wans't that bad today, a lot to talk to with Siew Ling and MiTel~ (actually her name is Michelle, Siew Ling's sister, Siew Swian changed her name into MiTel... Anyways~ it's sort of a cute name also wart~~~ XDD) Drew something in the school, and then lazy to draw anymore~ hahahah!!! XD Well~ Vin made me his design partner, he's for design stuffs like poster and blablabla those things~ XD And I'll be designing blogskins for sure~ Lol! XD Price Offer ofcos!! THANKEWS!!!! XDD

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