Friday, August 11, 2006

Darn Thing..

Yooohooo, am back again! I was at my uncle's place for somedays, and now I'm not going back anymore, I guess. If you're wondering, their mental daughter, had done something bad to me, that's why. Now I'll show you the reason why.

First, I saw this. My brother told me that someone drew some dirty dots behind my star. Iwas like, huh? Who did this? Then he was like, Nehh your lovely cousin(Anyway, she's not!). Then nevermind, 'casue it's just a little thing. Then he ask me to turn to the front, it's like worse ya know?

When I see this, I was like, My Gawd! This is so dirty! Then I thought of, Nevermind, it's just a small matter, maybe I couls wash it other days. So I forget about it.
After awhile, before sleep, my brother show my favourite CD with LOTS of Scratch behind. I was like, what the foot? My dics never did anything wrong to her.

I was like, so heart broken enough when I see this. Then I told myself, it's okay, you hardly listen with CD anyway. Then I calm my self down at least.

Few hours later, I woke up. Wanna wash my face, looking for my hair clip, and I saw this. Hmmmmm, sigh, it's hard for me to wash my face without this... Well, never mind then. I tied my hair and then went to wash my face.

After I came back from school, the first thing I look for is this white tiger that Vin gave me for my Birthday present if I haven't forget. I couldn't find it anywhere. But I know the mental girl did play and don't know where she put. After long while of searching here and there, I found my ring on her hand, green ones. Sigh. Then I ask her whether it's mine, then she doesn't seemed want to answer me. Then I was like, nevermind, maybe it's hers. Then her dad came back talked to her, where is my white tiger toy, and asked her go and find it out. So she did. And you know what? I tried to go to the place where she was, I found my 'W W J D' hand belt. I was like, My Gawd the green ring was really mine! Then I went up stairs, to look for her. But by the time I reach up there, the ring wasn't there anymore. And then my maid was looking out side the window, and I know something bad, that's she drew it out side already. I started to like, couldn't stand it anymore, then the maid told me, my white tiger might be in the long kang. And I was like, What The FUCK? In the LONG-KANG???? Then the maid went down immidiately. I was standing at the window and look at the maid. She was walking nearer and nearer to the trees. Then while she was walking, I can see the little white thing in the grass. Then I went REALLY Angry and hit here hit there... The mental girl was so scared and she cried. The dad came up, and then hit her. And you know what he said? 'You want me to hit her right? You made me hit her.' I was like, Fuck! Like it's my fault want your daughter to break my things, and throw my things out side? GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Then later on, the mom called my mom in Taiwan. And then this is how I'm back to my house. Ummmm, should say my grandparent's house.

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