Tuesday, September 05, 2006


hmmmm~ it's weird, one of my teeth feel like coming off, and I hope it won't. Lol~ XP

Well, blog days after the GrACE, if you're wondering, it's Great Adventure Catholic Event. It wasn't bad though, I can feel the spirit in them. The worships, the happiness and all that. Well, I learn some new church songs, especially the "Tell the world", it's a nice song. =D People added up lyrics like 'Tell the world that *what?*' Lol~ XD Cool huh? XD

Back then, I had just done Manzy's blog layout, Mai-Hime. Hope it's nice though. =D But please forgive me for didn't ask for your premission then go logged in to your account!! Anyways~ I will not touch it unless you ask me to do something with it. I promise! bleh! =b

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