Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hacker BOmb? O_o

Oh my godness~ I just saw this and I really really really wanna post it and show to all of you guys!!! I'm gna post this artical (spell correct? @@") and let you guys know. I was searching online for the 'teh bomb' that's one of my gaia commenter's page's character. So I was wondering what is that and went to look for it, and then this is what I found, some hackers might turn your computer into a bomb. When I saw that I was like 'Oh what the...?' Why do people nowadays LOVEEEEEE to play those hack thingies? Is it so fun to hack to others' PCs? And what about the poor ones? When their computer got hacked what can they do? gna by a new ones again? That's really frustrating, really. And the picture shows below, I suppose some of you guys know about this already, don't you?
Well, I hope none of this thing will happen to us and to everybody. Sigh..

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