Sunday, September 17, 2006


Okay now~ My blog is now back to normal finally~ I just deleted some of the weird post, the first princess hour that I've posted, and the lava lamp ones. At first I thought it might be something wrong with the html in that post, So I deleted it. But it seemed nothing change after that, so I tried to save my first princess hour's post up, and then deleted post in my blogger. And now it's back to normal, so I'm not planning to post it here again. Well anyways, it's good to see my blog is back to normal again!! lol~! I don't know what should I make for my next layout, kinda lazy to change tho~ And sorry to Zy yeah~ Didn't make the blog length properly~ XP I'll try to make it normal kay? XP hope it's okay to wait ._." cos I have some projects to do nowadays, especially chinese ones.

I've registered the Chinese and the English Trickster. In chinese, it is 'Caballa Island', not bad I suppose. I feel like I'm playing Tales Weaver instead. Man I really miss it~ T x T How I wish I could join either Japanese, Korean, or rather English ones, But as what Vin told me, the English version Tales Weaver, they're like game system's protection is very high, so IF you did anything wrong, you'll get banned. 'Cause they don't wannna end up like Chinese's Tales Weaver, too many people making mistakes or spoiling the game.

Today, is Sunday, my grandfather is back from hospital. Too bad huh? You can't do much things when you're old. And then it seem like everyone is leaving you alone. You know what? I always seeing my grandfather walking around alone, eat alone, sitting in the living room and nobody talks to him. Sometimes I would talk to him, like asking whether he already had his diner or not. Sometimes I think, I hope that I could earn as much as I could, and then my next generation would have a peaceful life. But ofcourse, they have to save some money for themselves too.

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