Sunday, September 24, 2006

Continue the previous entry~

Lol~ Seriously, I don't knowhow to continue that entry with SOOOOOOOOO many picture on it~ Maybe it's kinda hard to blog anymore with that many pictures in and somemore it's on mozilla? Sometimes I really find things hard to do with in mozilla ^^" But yeah, for internet surfing, I still like mozilla~ hahahahah XDD

Anyways~ Continues the entry!!! Kekekekek! And I just saw one DARNNN mini skirt online, and it's soooooo cute!!! But Hey! never expect me to wear that. = ="

Yesh! this is the mini skirt that I'm talking about. Really cute isn't it? O_o EROs~ Stop Looking!!! XDDDD Jokes~ She really got the pair of nice legs~ o_.; Well! XD

Hora hora!!!! This is also one of the cutest to me!!! Hey! Wipe your saliva!!! XD It's too cute and too pretty! XDD LOL! well, ._." I guess I really wanna buy it! LOL!!! XDDD so desperate larrr!!!! XDDD Ermm~ Am I a little too hyper or what? XD Still looking at the pictures of the socks~ I never know I can find this many!!! XDD Actually there're a lot more, but then I guess I'll just show up the cutest, just incase not many of you guys would it that much~ =b Lalalala~ XP

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