Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello Everyone~~~~! X33

Hello Peeps, am back!!! sorry for not leaving a message for my hiatus. I was busying with my finaly exam, hoping I won't fail this year, and working hard for it. Well, yes I did. =) So I guess my next target for now is to look for a job to work. Then after that I'm going to save my salaries into a saving account and earn some interest. And it's glad to know I only left one week till it's holiday!!! XDD Well here, four of my exam paper is given back. I got 2 fails out of four papers. Science, I got 35%; and Geograph, I got 45%. Hmmm~ They're all quite easy, only if I work harder for it. English paper II, quite bad, 35 out of 60. And my Commerce, I scored 75.5%. Yes, 75.5, but I'm not satisfied, because they're some careless mistakes. Well, that's for all I got today.

Now, with a new layout, wondering who's up sitting there? XD She is... Tada~~~ Lapislazuri Stern! XD My new favourite character from Rozen Maiden!!! XDDD They're the coolest doll anime that I've ever seen! XDD I love Her!!!! XDD Oh wait, you thought she was a boy? O_o Yes! she isn't!XD Below here is the picture of Rozen Maiden, you guys should have a look at this anime, it's really nice and somehow quite sad and meaningful. =3 I really like it tho.

It's talking about the 'father' of the dolls, wanted to created the most perfect doll, call Alice. But none of them is perfect. So the 'father' wanted them to fight with each other, the winner, will be the doll of Alice. Shinku, the doll with red colour custume, she's the fifth doll, at the same time, she's the main character, with really cold expressions. You'll shock by the time you see her wake up fom her beauti dollie sleep. XD And there's one doll who will never appear in the whole anime, she's Kirakishou, the seventh doll. A doll which have a rose in her right eye, unlike the one you see in the first picture, she's Barasuishou, she's the fake version of seventh doll. There's a rose mask on her left eye instead. And honestly, Kirakishou is DARN PRETTY!!!!! XD Wannt see? It's the second picture you can see up there, no one know how Kirakishou look exactly like~ =3

And I just finished one sketch of she and her elder sister, Jade Stern, LOL! THE FUNNIEST CHARACTER!! XD eh wait, she isn't Kanaria is! LOL! XD You'll know who is who only after you watch it! XD And you'll understand what the wordings beside Lapislazuri Stern means. =3

tho, what I draw isn't the same sketch, I'm drawing it right after I finish the anime, so I'm not so famliar with their clothes. LOVE THEM!!! XDDDD

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