Monday, October 16, 2006

my poor Cpu... T x T

Sorry for didn't blog for one day, yesterday. Coz' my pc got sent to the hospital last night, so I didn't managed to blog. What's wrong with it, you're asking? Coz' my cousin was checking on something for my CPU, actually he just wanna compare and see what is wrong with my cousin's computer. Then he unplugged something that's not suppose to unplug unless you got the material to put it back, that is some kind of special oil for that thing. Then he brought my CPU back and take it to repair I think. So I'm now using my brother's laptop to online. Aight, funny huh?

Then I saw this entertainment news on TV, it's about DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki, group of korean singer, if you're wondering.). There's a small anti-DBSK group (I have no idea why those people are just too free to make those anti-fans thingie... is that so fun...?), they pretended themselves as their true fans, then gave DBSK's leader a cup of water which mixed with super glue, then after awhile the leader had drank it, he immediately got to sent to the hospital to wash his stomach. Then after the girl had know it was that worse, she went to admit that was her who did that. I was like, is that so fun to be some kind of anti some groups? Especially they're just trying their best to sing a better song to their fans, and there're someone trying to kill them from the dark? What the hell is wrong with this world? And I even heard there's this news about North Korea is testing their nuclear bomb every once in awhile, sigh... And is it so fun to be in war?? I'm really wondering... Sore tachi wa honto ni baka desu ka?

Anyways, Manzy, hope you're okay there, don't stress yourself too much, and Burt also, relax yourself every once in awhile, Vin also yeah~ kimi tachi, must take care yooo... =) Ja, mata desu...

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