Wednesday, September 06, 2006

English? or Chinese?? @@"""

Hmmmm well~ I've been wondering, whether I should play the English, or the Chinese version of the Trickster. Lol~ The Chinese ones look nice, but the English ones not bad too~ It sure looks like the online game that I used to play, it's Tales Weaver. It's a really nice online game that I've ever play, maybe it's just because of that I hardly play those RPG type online games? HmmM~ anyways~ =b I've alread registered the English version of the Trickster before I blog. It looks like something wrong with it though, I registered, but it told me to rejoin it again. But while I was trying to rejoin, it told me that the ID that I was trying to register was used. Hmmm~ Oh wait, I guess I can use it now~ Lol~ XP

Back to today, me, and the 12 Dragons went out(only some of the dragons) to the Mall, to watch movie. We watched 'Little Man' if I didn't mistaken it. A funny movie that is. Then we went to look for some prom thingie. Then waited for my mom to come then send Vin and Manzy to Qlap for tuition.

Hmmm, I guess this would be the end of this entry, don't feel well today, have no idea why, but yeah. Take care buddies.

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