Sunday, September 24, 2006

Socks...? My fashion entry!!! XP

Man I just feel like looking for soemthing for myself. And Yesh! socks! Tha'ts something that I've been waiting for quite awhile~ Lol~ wondering what it is? Okay I'm gna show you now!!! XDD Man It's sooooooooo cute until you can't breath!!!!!
It's sooooooooooo~~~~~~~ Cute!!!! from the picture below you can see how the model wear the sock. In fact it isn't really a sock, it's just something like you have to wear it like how you wear your pants, well I don't really know how you call it~ =b
It's is sooooohhhhhhhhhh cutee!!! x333~ Yesh, you wear it inside, cos there're holes there... ._." unless you wanna show your butt to others... = ="

And something I want is actually This ones!!!!! it's like a shorts/ pants, but it's actually something like socks? You wear it with skirt, so you don't have to worry someone will spy your panties~ WELL!!!! JOKES! XP

And if you're wondering how it's like with skirt, there're some samples below, and it looks REALLY SWEET!!!!! Isn't it? x33333

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