Sunday, September 21, 2008

heading out again??????

Oh yea, heading out again, but no, not to the Fitness Zone first. I'm going out with Liwen to have lunch at don't know where with her god-brother later around 2 but I shall go and pick her up at 1:30, I mean I shall get going at 1:30 but not 2!!! Hahahah~ cos I was always late~ xD

I think I might be going straight to Mary's house after the lunch and then later on go to the yoga class at The Mall around 6? Or maybe we'll reach there around 5? But not too late I guess, cos I'm too lazy to find parking in Gadong~ Hahahah XDD

Mary said she wanted to have dinner at fratini, what a nice idea, but but but... exercises + fratini? errr... are you sure we gonna lose any fats or are we gonna gain fat? = =?? NEVERMIND LAR~!!!! I'll just go for it mwahahhah!! Good luck to me in Gym lol~ xD

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