Friday, September 19, 2008

Geezz~ tiring day~ = =

Yo peeps~ since I'm not able to tag now, I might just keep blogging (maybe? xD or maybe awhile later I'm gonna be on hiatus again~ Akakakak~ xD). Didn't planned to go out today but my brother asked me to bring him to the mall with my cousin, Seng along, so yea, went out since 10 something in the morning until now. Geez~ I hate staying outside the whole day actually, I always wanted to come home just now but I was too lazy to drive.

Fitness Zone called me up few days ago, an officer/trainer named Dolex said that I was invited to the Fitness Zone to try out the 3 days free trial. Oh wells, he said that it was my schoolmate, Chin Kim Lun who preferred me on their list, then he pointed the finger to Mon when I Bla-ed him~... xD Oh yes, I was kind of interested with the Yoga class~ somemore there're Suana and lots more of spa fecilities, why not give a try? Oh and, I might be joining also~? You never know right? xD I'll give a one month trial if I'm interested with it, and then I'll see if I should continue, since we got nothing much to do in Burnei and I always wanted to keep fit eh? (Someone said that keeping fit = eating = become rounder... RAWRR!!! bite you arhh!! XD)

I invited my cousin, Mary to the Fitness Zone also, she said she was kind of interested with the Yoga too, and the huge swimming pool at the Fitness Zone at Qlap is nice as well, the gym area and fecilities these should be better there than in The Mall since there is only very limited place there in The Mall (the spa room in The Mall Fitness Zone is like a bathroom... isn't it err... disappointing? Doesn't seem like you would enjoy enough? XD). So yes! I might be joining the unlimited time with the pastport membership, which means I can use it in both in Qlap and The Mall. Nice right? XD But the cost will be higher of course~ =x

Mehh... enough about Fitness Zone, I hope I won't meet our grandpa there anytime~ = ="

So~ Baka Ringu-chan called me up 4 hours ago and we talked until now... *WHAT?* it's like, 1:40am now? XD HAhahah!! Omg~ yes, we talked that long, I suppose? We're too jobless, aren't we? xD Lol! SO~ I've been blogging but couldn't be able to blog properly cos I was talking with her on the phone, OH YES, I DID A LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!! By singing in the phone to baka ringu-chan? XD HAHAHAH yea, sart? = = Oh! And, my goodbye days is good!!! She said, it was quite nice~ since I just learnt it not that long ago, like, few days ago? MWAHAHAH!!! XD Yo~ enough about the gibberish~ let's sleep now~ I'm sleepeyyy mannn~ = =


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