Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bored mann~~

Yes! I'm blogging again!! Ahahah~ Yesh, I'm just too bored. Just woke up not long ago, like, an hour plus? xD (you called that not long ago? ((to me marrr~~~~ XDD)) riiight~)

Oho~ going out with Baka Ringu-chan later mwahahah!!! And I suppose I would see Andy, Shiau Wen, Wendy and Kiat at the mall later at night since they're going out later too? Gezz~ Actually I was supposed to go out with them last night but they changed to the date to tonight, and Ling, Teng had already booked me for today before the holiday started. Haiis~ So yea~ whatever lar~ go out with them yam cha nia~ nothing special also~ xD I'm not so close with Shiau Wen and Wendy, it's gonna be awkward if I go out with the two girls, more over, I don't really like Andy's attitude, so it's better for me didn't go out with them tonight, Mwahahahh!!! XPP

Anyways, since I'm going out with Ling themo later, I might not be coming home that early tonight. Don't miss me peeps~ Mwahahah!! XDD

(Oh yes, Fitness Zone~! Wait for me!!! I'll be coming tomorrow!! Mwahahah!! XDD)

Oh yea~ for y'all information, my shoutout box turned out to be like this, I've made a screen shoot of this. This is why I can neither tag nor see my tag. I might going to reformat my PC once again unless I find away to solve this problem. Ciao peeps~!! xD

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