Friday, October 24, 2008

Exam fever will be crawling sooon!!!!!!! O.O

Finally, the schedule of final year exam was given to us by yesterday; it is going to be 2 days earlier than we expected; first day of the exam will be on the 6th and end on 18th of November, there will be some off days in between 12nd to 17th of November, therefore I will have more time to revise my POA and Geography~! XD

I’ve been copying/ doing/ and photocopying my home/ class works recently, am I not hard working enough???!!! (riiiight~~~~ -.-“ ) XP I thought of sticking my exam schedule on the wall might make me rajin enough to study because I’ll be sick of worrying about my exam since the schedule is just right above my monitor… .__.”” I’ll see how is that going to work out for me… = =””

We had three days holiday last weekend, and I had a sleepover at Ling’s place with Huei Yin, I didn’t planned to sleep over actually, but we were talking until really late and I was too lazy to drive home (distance between Ling and my house is just less than 5 minutes… .__.), so I decided to stay over for one night since the girls wanted me to *Shy~* XD So Huei Yin painted my nail in bronze the next day, this is how it looked like. XD

Rant zone.

Below here, I’m going to write something about someone, if you know me well enough, you might know what/ who I’m referring to, be quiet about it if you do, be curious if you don’t, and I will not tell you who that person is. XP I have my own reason doing/ saying things, I don’t hate one for no reason; therefore if I dislike you, which will definitely mean that you have done something awesome (heh…) to me or to the world.

To that ‘someone’, if you happened to read my blog (I doubt he would), I’m telling you, I dislike you being whoever human you are. Even thought you had told the whole world that you respected someone and I very much due to some reason, I wasn’t glad enough as I heard my name was being spitted from your mouth, I felt disgusted being respected by you. = =* What you have done wouldn’t make me like you more, the effort turned opposite instead. By that, you’re not showing any sincere but telling me how loser you are. Get away from me, LOSER!

If you know me well enough, I wouldn’t gossip nor even discuss about anyone if they did not done anything wrong. So, if you know who you are, think what you have done to the whole world. You’re just too stubborn to even admit your mistakes, WAKE UP VAINSM! You sing like no tomorrow each and every day even if the whole world is telling you to shut your mouth up. I never had any complaint about anyone who sings bad because I thought there are always spaces for improvement, however, like I have mentioned, you are just too stubborn to be appreciated counsels from others, so we might just pass you up. C’mon man, learn to respect yourself. = =

No, I haven’t done my rant yet, if you’re tired of reading this damn thing, just ignore them and click on the [x] on the top right of your screen, don’t be shy, you’re always welcomed~ = =

To be honest, I dislike plastics, who doesn’t? I dislike them for them being so nice to one and gossip about them at their back, not to mention those so-called best friends. If you can even turn your back at them and telling others about each others’ weakness, what ‘best friend’ are you referring to actually? Fake isn’t it? Fucking fake man c’mon. So anyone out there, if you’re a plastic, please step out of my life, I would not like to meet any of them ‘cause I’m sick of people like YOU. *points at you*

No doubt that actually more than 99% of human in this world are plastics, what I’m saying is that at least be a good plastic, will ya? Believe it or not, even husband and wife could be plastic to each other, how fake could it be? Meh, I’m just releasing some loads here, nothing to be worried about.

Now, bastard, if you’re reading this, scroll up and down and see how long this post is, it’s long enough like I never complaint about anyone like this before. I can’t even put on a proper smile on my face when I see you, which means you’re not worth for me to put on a smile, now you can see how worst you can be. I will not mention too detail, just in case you actually know who I’m talking about, I have to note that, I’m not afraid of letting you know, it’s just that if you actually know what happened you might only be really ashamed.

Can you actually count how many real friends do you have around you? Apparently you have none, pathetic for you, even if you do, they’re only using you and backstabbing you as you’re really much of a loser; or maybe they might think you’re fun at first, and then find out you actually have the ability of ‘loser’ in you. Though I admit I’m not much better, but I’m at least better than you. Most of the time, you tell jokes without second thought which hurts people feelings, a LOT; and you’re saying me telling you things without second thought? Hah, you haven’t really heard me talking without a second thought, do NOT regret, that’s gonna pull your face off if I did that. Go to your corner and draw circle by yourself ba! BYE! XP

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