Saturday, November 01, 2008


I guess this should be the most memorable birthday of mine in my whoooleeeeee life as I was surprised by my classmates during today's school recess time. It started whereby Pei and Wen Yih asked me to go to library with them to borrow some books, though actually Pei told me to go to the library because she returned the books late, so she has to pay money as punishment. However, she told me that she had pay it in the morning, so she wanted me to go to library to borrow some books with her. I agreed to go since I had nothing to do during recess time. Thought they're very suspecious indeed~

While looking for books Pei and Wen Yih wanted to borrow, I remembered about Liau Zai's creation, so I asked the librarian if they have her books in the library, but Pei and Wen Yih dragged me out of the library when I was waiting for their answer, Pei said she was having gastric and wanted to eat. So I jokingly asked if she wants me to treat her, 1 dollar. XD I followed them to canteen, and errr... I kind of saw that there was bunch of people standing at the edge of canteen whom I'm familiar with, MY CLASSMATES!!!!!! OMG, I HAVE A REAL BAD... feeling..? Nahh, not that bad actually, more about embarrassed I suppose? xp

When I reached the area where they were standing, they started singing happy birthday song to me that everyone in the canteen was looking at our corner as if something silly just happened, and IT WAS REALLY SILLY!!!! LOL!!!! I was standing there out of bewilderment while all I can think of the next thing I could do was turned around and run!!! However, I didn't managed to because the back gate of canteen wasn't open, so I had to turn around to face everyone, once more. A brilliant idea flashed through my mind and I sat down beside Jia Min pretending singing happy birthday song to her~ XD LOL! That was stewpiak I know!!!! = =""

People were asking me why didn't I cry, taken aback by the abrupt question they asked, I got no idea as well~ xp Perhaps it's just that I'm not someone who sheds tears easily in front of others? O.o? I DUNNO! XD So finally, we sat down to have our 'breakfast'~ xD

Jia Min gave me few birthday gifts today, a photo bookmark, and a set of nail polish with a great DIY card, I was so touched! Thanks so much Jia Min! =D Evon passed my gift to me when the bell rang. It's an egg-like thingie and a seed that she gave to me, looked like I have to plant the seed then? xD Hahahah!! Omg I'm so lazy to upload the pictures of the day now~! SOrry Buddeh! Hahahah~~ I might just upload the pictures of my birthday gift tomorrow? x3 hopefully I'm not that lazy kakakak!! xD

I went to had a dinner with Mary last night at a Chinese restaurant at Kiulap and Pizza Hut in the mall with my parents tonight. It was both great~! Though I shall not claim birthday gify from my parents since they bought me a new espeed now~ kekekekke!! Thank you Mami Dad!!! XD Anyways, I shall sleep now, I've been blogging for don't-know-how-long until now, it's 1:57am in the mid night. I'm exhausted, yet feeling rather fresh because of the amazing celebration today. Thanks people, I have nothing else to say but I appreciated everything today! =D

May God bless you all!

Night! =D

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